A pipe leak is a serious issue that can cause mold, warped wood, and worse. Click here to learn more about the damage a pipe leak can do.

Did you know that the average plumbing system failure can cost a homeowner roughly $5,000?

Almost 20% of plumbing problems are caused by frozen pipes while others are caused by a pipe leak.

Dealing with plumbing problems is no joke since the water which flows uncontrollably inside and around your house can cause serious damage.

It’s best to simply prevent this damage from the start by inspecting your plumbing system regularly. Maintenance operations can help owners save tons of money in the long run and avoid a more costly pipe repair project.

If you are not convinced, keep reading to find out how serious water leak damage can be.

5 Problems Caused By a Pipe Leak

One of the most disappointing facts is that water leakage is not that visible in the beginning. Most homeowners usually find out about it later on, when serious damage occurred. To prevent that, here’s what you should look for:

1. Mold and Mildew

Mold and Mildew

Water which flows uncontrollably through walls, basements, floors or attics can cause a lot of mold and mildew problems.

You will eventually start to see signs of mold and mildew on furniture items, near the corners of walls and in the bathroom. One of the most common signs of mold is a pungent odor which can cause respiratory problems.

Make sure that you regularly check your property and take action if you discover mold and mildew. Simply removing the mold doesn’t solve the problem. You also have to find the pipe leak and repair it to prevent water from causing mold issues in the future.

2. Stagnant Water

When a pipe leaks, it can cause small or large water puddles around the house.

You walk confidently to the bathroom sink and you accidentally step into a large puddle of water. Where did this come from? At a closer inspection, most homeowners detect stagnant water near the toilets, bathtubs, in the kitchen, basement or attic.

Having stagnant water in your house is not a good thing. This can increase the humidity level and cause mold and pest problems. For example, mosquitoes love stagnant waters and you definitely don’t love them! Instead of having a mosquito infestation, simply remove the water puddle and look for the pipe leak which might have caused it.

3. Floor Damage

Floor Damage

Water pipes leaking can also cause a lot of problems on your floors.

One of the most common is warping. This means that the floorboards which are usually made from wood can bend upwards or downwards at the edge. Water can also cause large gaps between floorboards which are not visually pleasing at all.

In some cases, floorboards can also feel spongy at the touch, especially if they have been damaged by water leaks for a long period of time. This is a serious cause of concern and can lead to a pest infestation, particularly termites.

In some cases, laminate floors can also expand and create small bumps which protrude upwards. Your floors will look unevenly and can become hard to walk on. This happens when laminate or wooden floors absorb too much water which makes them expand and occupy more space.

4. Ceiling Damage

Not only floors can become damaged by water leaks, but ceilings as well.

When pipe leaks occur somewhere in the attic or on the upper floors, this can cause warping in the ceilings. At the same time, the ceilings can become discolored and develop big stains. You can easily spot this when one part of the ceiling looks slightly darker than the other .in some cases, brown stains can occur as well.

5. Wallpaper Peeling

When pipes run through walls and they leak, this can cause the paint to peel off.

If you have wallpapers applied on the walls, these can become discolored as well and they might peel off in just a few days. Wallpaper peeling is common in living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms as well. It’s best not to wait until all the paint or wallpaper has been damaged. As soon as you see signs of water damage, investigate the problem and fix it before it gets worse.

Places To Inspect For Water Damage

There are several important places in your property you need to inspect for water damage. If you discover pipe leaks, this can be a good reason to call a plumber. Here are more details on why you should consider repiping your property.

1. House Foundation

House Foundation

This is by far one of the most important places because it threatens the structural integrity of your entire house. Check to see if gutters drain the rainwater properly and not let it accumulate in puddles around the house.

2. Attic

When it rains, does water get into the attic? If the answer is yes then your roof might have developed cracks and other signs of damage. This is a huge problem since not only water can accumulate in the attic, but pests such as squirrels and bats can also cause you problems.

Moreover, the water from the attic can easily infiltrate into the ceilings of your house, damaging its structure and even causing problems to the electrical circuitry.

3. Basement

The basement of your house might also show signs of water damage caused by leaky pipes. For example, you might detect mold smells or hear the muffled sound of running water through the floors/walls.

Again, water puddles in the basement attract pests and can significantly deteriorate the foundation of your house, so yo need to do something right away.

4. Appliances


Make sure that you also inspect your fridge, freezer, washing machine and dryer for signs of water puddles. This can indicate that there is a pipe leak somewhere and you need to address it immediately.

If you fail to fix this problem, your electronics might provoke an electrical issue as a result of being exposed to excessive humidity and stagnant water.

Check Your Plumbing System Today!

As you have just learned, a simple pipe leak can cause so much trouble and cost thousands of dollars in damage to your house and personal belongings. Hopefully, now you know how to prevent that by doing a thorough inspection of your plumbing system as soon as possible.

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