Some people might think that being truly comfortable inside of your home is a difficult feat to conquer, but with the help of a few items, you can finally get ready to feel the best kind of toasty. Nestle into the couch and get ready to spend a relaxing day indoors, because it’s time to celebrate a day full of self-care and relaxation. From wearable blankets to what you should do, this list has got you covered!

How do I Stay Warm Around the House?

Naturally, everyone’s first thought might be to crank up the heater or maybe even start up a fire in the fireplace, but that might not be everyone’s cup of tea (but we’ll discuss that later). There are extra costs that can be associated with those sorts of things, and no one likes to see spikes in their energy bills.

Some might prefer to pile on the layers, and that’s the first tip on this list. Put on a couple of pairs of socks and dig your fuzzy slippers out from the back of the closet. And, better yet, if you get your hands on a wearable blanket, you can carry around all the warmth and comfort of your bed while taking on the day.

What About Setting the Right Mood?

Make sure that all of your senses are touched by things that make you feel at ease. And while that can also mean decorating your living room to look like a cottage fantasy, let’s focus on a couple of senses that are frequently forgotten about when you’re setting the tone for the day: your sense of smell and your hearing. 

While your sense of touch is being well-loved by a wearable blanket or your fuzziest socks, your other senses deserve to feel surrounded by just as much luxury and relaxation.

Do you have any candles that remind you of crunchy leaves underfoot or of all the good parts of holidays with your family? What about an essential oil that really helps you to unwind and ease overwhelm after a hard day? 

Scented candles and essential oil diffusers can tingle a room with smells that can help you settle in for a day of self-care and relaxation. Some scents, like peppermint, are pretty universally pleasing, supporting relaxation and clarity. And other scents can help you zero in on more specific moods you might be after.

For example, lavender-scented oils and candles might help promote sleep health if you’re looking to settle in for a nap. It’ll get you on the right track for ultimate comfort, especially if you’re warming up with a wearable blanket and lots of comfy layers!

On the other hand, you may find yourself sniffing citrus-based scents like bergamot if your aim is to feel a bit more invigorated, like if you’d like to stay awake for your favorite movie.

Speaking of movies, it might help you settle in for a cozy day if you put a beloved film on your television, even if it only serves as background noise for the rest of your afternoon.

Some alternatives to this might be a calming music playlist, the ambient sounds of rain or a roaring fire, or even a recording of the chatter in a busy cafe. Nonetheless, be sure to set the right tone by picking scents and sounds you love; those just might be some of the best ways to stay cozy.

What Should I Drink on a Cozy Day?

After you’ve set the right mood as well as made sure you’ll be warm all day, you might be stuck on what else you should do to keep as comfortable as possible.

To stay warm both inside and out, consider some hot drinks! Set your usual juices and sodas aside, and get ready to pull out some classic hot beverages. Let your sweaters and wearable blankets cozy you up on the outside, while hot cocoa warms you up from within.

If you partake in caffeine, you can set yourself up with a good, old-fashioned cup of coffee or black tea. But if you’re setting up to make yourself feel cozier than usual, be sure to pull out all the stops with your drink preparations. Pull out an extra delicious creamer, like peppermint, caramel, or pumpkin spice. And, if you’re feeling extra fancy, get out the whipped cream!

Or, if you’re not in the mood for caffeine, there are plenty of caffeine-free teas and decaffeinated teas and coffees out there. Many flower and fruit-based teas are naturally free of caffeine. Many would recommend peppermint, chamomile, and apple teas, as these all tend to set a cozy mood.

What Else Should I Do?

Now that you’ve got the ambiance and layers of clothing to feel cozy all day, what else should you be doing to really seal in the cozy deal? If you’re short on ideas, here’s a non-complete list of some things you can do!

  • Read a good book: Whether it’s an old favorite book you read as a child, or the murder-mystery novel you started reading recently but just can’t put down, it shouldn’t really matter.
  • Write a list of things that you’re grateful for: Gratitude journaling helps many people to focus on the good things that are in their lives.
  • Play with furry friends or other pets! Talk to your fish! Cuddle with your puppy!

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you’re able to take some time to relax, even if you’re on a budget. A day can be fulfilling and feel indulgent, whether or not you’re spending every cent in your wallet.