You can’t live without your stuff, but you don’t have the space to keep it. This is a common problem for many people. It’s not always simple to find the perfect storage unit, especially when you need one that can accommodate all of your belongings. The best solution? Get storage! But how do you find a good deal on storage? That’s where we come in! We offer affordable and efficient options that accommodate any budget. We have a solution for you! With our “Instant Space self-storage” units, we’ll provide you with everything you need to store your items in just minutes. 

What is self-storage?

A move planned? An overloaded garage or work to be done? It is sometimes necessary to temporarily store your belongings. For this, several storage solutions exist. Among these solutions, one of them is essential to save your time and money: self-storage.

Let’s take a closer look at this practical and straightforward method.

Why use self-storage?

There are many reasons to contact a self-storage company.

  • You may need to store your belongings if you need to sell your home, and your move does not happen simultaneously.
  • Carrying out renovations usually requires making space. The furniture of a bedroom must be removed before its renovation—ditto for changing a floor covering or for plumbing work. Storing your belongings away from home allows you to renovate your rooms comfortably.
  • Archives and business documents take up a lot of space and clutter up offices. For companies, it can therefore be fascinating to store them externally.
  • During the winter, self-storage can be very useful. Restaurants and bars will protect their patio furniture from the cold and snow. Individuals can also take advantage of the containers to store seasonal items such as equipment dedicated to winter sports.

The principle of self-storage

Self-service storage consists, for businesses and the general public, of storing objects permanently or temporarily in the premises of a specialized company.

When using self-storage, the types of space can vary significantly from a small locker to a giant garage, depending on your needs.

Self-storage conditions

There are a large number of places to store goods. The most common are mini-warehouses, small, cramped, unheated rooms that look like a garage and lock from the outside. They function as an extension of your home.

Nowadays, more people choose warehouses to store their goods in large spaces furnished with various materials such as shelves, racks, or lockers where each client has its area. For example:

  • Places like self-storage units located at airports allow fast access after completing security checks;
  • Selfs service storage units in Back Bay Boston offer an excellent range of services such as parking nearby;
  • Units will also hold essential items so no one else can have access to your things.
  • You will pay for the whole month upfront, and then it’s easy to change if you need more area or want to store some things elsewhere.

You may also choose storage facilities close by where there are no restrictions on dropping off your items from outside between certain hours (such as loading docks). These units usually require 24/hour surveillance but offer significant savings over other options.

Self-storage is a convenient and economical solution for storing goods away from home. If you want to store equipment, do not hesitate to contact Instant Space Self Storage.