Are you considering hiring professional movers? There’s no doubting that some actions are best left to the specialists, particularly those involving goods that require extra attention and care. If you have household items that are exceptionally heavy, bulky, or valuable, it is a good idea to hire expert movers. Not sure what we’re talking about? From instruments to appliances, here are 5 household items that are tough to relocate without the help of professionals.


It’s not going to be easy to move a piano on your own. The heavy lifting necessary in picking up and carrying a piano is rather demanding, given that most pianos weigh hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds. You need to hire experts at moving pianos to do it right. Furthermore, pianos are often pricey (think: $100,000+), making them one of the most desirable possessions in a home. During a relocation, dropping and injuring any of the piano’s parts may be disastrous, so handling this costly item with care is essential. Moving a piano will necessitate the use of specialized equipment and moving gear. It’s advisable to employ professionals for the job unless you’re a moving expert with plenty of expertise moving large stuff and have strong pals to help. Fortunately, there are a plethora of movers who specialize in moving upright and grand pianos.

Hot Tubs

Do you have a heavy hot tub that you need to transport? Moving a hot tub is not for the faint of heart, from gathering the necessary equipment and draining the water to organizing a route and lifting it into a truck. We strongly recommend hiring professional movers to transport the hot tub for you unless you have a team of buddies to assist you (and they truly know what they’re doing). Unfortunately, relocating a hot tub is a complicated procedure that necessitates the use of specialized moving equipment and tools that are not typically present in the average person’s toolbox. Furthermore, the weight of a hot tub (900 to 1,000 pounds without water) is simply too much for one person to carry. Professionals should be able to relocate and reassemble your hot tub with ease – just make sure the movers have prior experience with outdoor hot tubs relocations.

Tables for pool

Are you thinking of moving your heavy pool table from one residence to another? It might be time to call in the experts. Unfortunately, moving a pool table necessitates not only a lengthy dismantling and packaging process, but also the lifting of exceptionally heavy components. Pool tables can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, making them difficult to move, especially when stairs are involved. Fortunately, most moving firms have moved big pool tables before. You might even be able to locate a moving company that specialized in moving pool and billiard tables. 


Moving household appliances necessitates careful planning, preparation, and a large amount of manpower. It’s a good idea to hire specialists to lift and move these large goods for you unless you’re prepared to do it yourself. The average refrigerator weighs roughly 300 pounds, the average washing machine 200 pounds, and the average dishwasher 150 pounds. While you may be able to move one of these items on your own, you will almost certainly require assistance if you are moving many appliances. Professional movers should be able to safely and efficiently unhook and relocate these appliances for you. They could even be able to help with the reinstallation process.

Valuable art and antiques

Moving artwork, antiques, and other valuables safely requires much planning and preparation in order to make goods as safe and secure as possible throughout the moving process. When moving from one home to another, art is especially vulnerable to harm. Several different types of equipment intended specifically for moving framed art and canvas prints will be required to pack valuable artwork. Family artifacts, furniture, porcelain figurines, china dishes, and crystal glassware will all require particular handling. Fortunately, skilled movers and packers should be able to transport your belongings safely and without destroying anything.

Quick Tips in Case You Want to Take the Risk and Move Them Yourself

Obviously, employing professional movers to relocate these stuff isn’t in everyone’s budget or timeframe. If you’re determined to do it yourself, know that with the correct preparation, materials, and assistants, you can move almost anything. Here are a few pointers to help you transfer even the most difficult items:

  • Check that you have the necessary tools and supplies — Moving heavy and/or precious items will almost certainly necessitate the use of more than just boxes and packing tape. Make sure to investigate the exact packing goods required for transporting your household items.
  • Seek additional help – You should not be moving any large home objects on your alone. Enlist the help of a strong friend or two (or more, if necessary!) to help with the hard lifting and loading. If you can’t locate a friend or family member to assist with the move, try using HireAHelper’s marketplace to find labor-only specialists that can help.
  • Measure the width of entrances, stairwells, and any other narrow passageways that the item must travel through – Any doorway, stairs, or entryway space through which the object must pass to enter or exit a property should be measured. What’s the reason? Make sure that a huge household item or possession may pass through the area.
  • In a safe and simple to find location, keep guarantees and owners’ manuscripts — Most products, from hot tubs to refrigerators, come with an owner’s manual and warranty information. Keep this in a secure area throughout the relocating process. If something breaks or is damaged during the relocation, the warranty information will undoubtedly be useful.
  • Check your insurance policy for specific coverage details – If a pricey item, such as a piano, breaks or is damaged during the moving process, you may want insurance to help finance repairs.

About the Author:

Michaela Smith is the marketing director of EMPIRE MOVERS NYC, a family-owned and operated moving company that has been helping New Yorkers move both locally and long distance for over 15 years.