Imagine if the world did not have trees and other plants that beautify it. Life could be miserable as we all understand how trees and other vegetation ensure that we have clean air for breathing. However, there comes a time when several signs you may require to remove a tree from your compound.

One of your trees might be touching the electricity power line, there might presence of insect infestation or even the tree causing damage to the rest of the property. Tree removal might not be an easy feat for most people. The following is what the art of tree removal is all about:

Evaluate the situation

Are you the owner of the tree or does it belong to your neighbour or the government? You cannot just decide to cut down something that you do not own. You can have a formal request to the government to cut down a tree that you feel is violating your personal space or posing a threat to your property. There are also different regulations, depending on your area, that define how you can cut down a tree. Some countries demand that you get a permit while others do not.

The size of the tree is another consideration. Big trees need specialized attention as they may cause damage. The surrounding area should also come to your mind during evaluation. Are there structures that are likely to make it hard to bring down the tree? You must also check whether there is likely to be any damage when you are felling the tree.

Prepare the ground

The size of the tree and the surrounding structures will determine the nature of preparation that needs to be done. You do not want a situation whereby the tree falls on other structures and causes damage. It is also undesirable for such a tree to cause damage to your neighbour’s property. The initial evaluation will have determined the nature of preparation that you need.

For instance, you may be forced to prune some branches before the actual felling of the tree. Such an approach will reduce the impact the tree will have once it lands on the ground. There also are instances where you may have to bring down some structures within your compound before you proceed with the work. Consulting an expert in this area comes in handy as you will know the best preparation approach that you should take.

Get the right tools

The type, size of the tree and the surroundings are some of the important considerations when selecting the tools to get the work done. There are some trees that you can cut down using an axe while others require power tools. If it is the latter, then you must be skilled in handling such tools as there are high chances of accidents. There are also instances where you may need both an axe and power tools.

There are also aiding tools such as a rope that helps to guide the tree when landing. Invest in high-quality tools as they can be the difference between having a clean job and shoddy work. You can buy some of the tools such as ropes and hire others if it is a one-time job. Ensure that you read the users’ manual if they are tools you have used in the past.

Remove the tree

The actual act of tree removal is somehow a dangerous and involving undertaking. You may opt to remove the tree yourself or involve an expert. The first option can be dangerous especially where there are other structures are around. There are also incidences where people suffer injuries while removing trees. You can opt for the safest option and involve an expert for tree removal Woodstock. The ideal company should have the right tools and understand the local regulations for tree removal. Remember to check the review of the potential company and ensure that the company is transparent.

Discard the waste

The nature of waste from that tree will depend on the type of tree and its size. Some trees will require deep excavation to do away with the stump. What you do with the branches and the leaves from this tree is at your own discretion. However, you should ensure that you understand the laws of the land that deal with the disposal of waste. You can get wood to light your furnace during the cold season or even timber to fence your backyard. You can also decompose the leaves and dispose of them in your home garden. The company that you hire can also come up with a disposal plan.

Removing a tree from your property does not have to be hard when you follow the above tips. Ensure that you take care of the rest of the trees and plants in your home and keep them at maintainable levels instead of waiting until a situation gets out of hand to take action.