Children’s room is always associated with tenderness, comfort, and pastel colors. Every parent strives to make this room special for their child. Of course, the decor is an integral part of any room. Therefore, we have prepared a turn-based guide on how to decorate baby room.

How to decorate a nursery

So you’d ask yourself: how to decorate a nursery? If the room’s monochromatic design seems too simple, you can diversify it a little. To do this, we suggest painting one or two walls using stencils.

First, we look for the desired drawing and print it on a printer. We cut out the details if necessary. We laminate the stencil with adhesive tape to not get damaged when painting the walls. We apply the stencil to the wall and fix it with small masking tape pieces and make markings on the wall where the drawings will be located. Let’s start painting the wall. It is best to use a sponge for this.

After all the details are drawn, paint over the outlines with a brush for greater clarity. There are many options for wall decor in a children’s room. If you wish, you can use any of the presented ones.


How to decorate a newborn baby boy room? As a rule of thumb, it is the most extensive area for creativity for a baby. You can use all your skills and decorate the children’s room without resorting to outside help. Wool, linen, felt, corrugated or colored paper, cardboard, old CDs, and much more: all this will be used.


How to decorate a baby girl room? How to make a ceiling attention-grabbing? There are fewer opportunities here. Various garlands are well suited for the ceiling. In this case, the paper is required. Here you can glue pom-poms, pendants from stars, snowflakes, and other shapes.

Stylish highchair

Furniture is one of the essential components of a children’s room. It doesn’t have to be monotonous and monochrome at all. Therefore, we propose to slightly restore the chair and use it as one of the decorative elements.

How to decorate a baby boy room? Fantabulous, stylish decor for a children’s room does not have to be voluminous. Sometimes even a small subject becomes the main focus.  Try to surround your child with eye-pleasing things and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

General rules

How to decorate a baby room? There are several tips to make it done properly. To get started, you need to consider several important factors for arranging a cozy and beautiful nursery.

  • Age

 Childhood lasts more than one year. Preferences and interests change over time. The decor should be appropriate for the child’s age and current preferences. By the way, it is advised to change the decor at least once every two years.

  • Personal preferences

Maybe up to a year, the baby will agree with your choice, since it doesn’t matter which cradle to lie in if only it is comfortable. But at the age of 1-2 years, he is quite capable of choosing his favorite jewelry, color, cartoon characters, and other preferences. Of course, there are still no formed views at this age, but the child can describe personal preferences. Do not ignore this factor, and be sure to talk to your baby before deciding what to do next.

  • Materials

Select only hypoallergenic materials that do not cause adverse health effects. Besides, all decorative components must be of high quality.

  • Dimensions

Remember, those bulky and too bright decorations are not suitable for a small room. Choose decorations so that they look harmonious and do not overload the space.

  • Comfort

Sometimes beauty has to be sacrificed for this factor. Do not forget that the environment, first of all, should be comfortable for both parents and their child.

Furniture and ready-made decorations

 How to decorate a nursery? You can think of different decorations and hang them over the cot. A common variant is the carousel rattles over the baby’s crib. But they are only suitable for the smallest. For older children, the design needs to be changed. An easy way to decorate furniture is bright stickers that will please your baby.

For girls, you can make pompons or make other hanging decorations. Furniture can be decorated using the decoupage technique. A little fashionista will definitely like such decorations. In our online store, you will find a wide variety of in-room decorations. Children will appreciate this idea, and the room will become a real work of art.


It’s easy to create wall decor in your nursery with reusable stickers. Such stickers can be found in stores or ordered in workshops dealing with decor and printing. The professionally made stickers adhere easily and detach from the smooth wall surface without leaving any residue. The theme of wall decoration can vary: from individual elements (flowers, butterflies – for girls, cars, airplanes – for boys) to plot paintings that take up half of the wall. There are often stickers that help create unusual wall decor combined with other elements.

Fancy letters

Three-dimensional letters and words are a fashionable element of interior decoration. You can buy, order blank letters: for example, the first letter of a child’s name or the full name on our website. You can decorate them using scrapbooking paper and volumetric elements. Besides, you can buy these astonishing top-class decorations even with a tight budget. It won’t cost an arm a leg.

Such letters, wooden rainbows, and nursery names can be placed on the wall, and if you make them voluminous, they will look like a bright spot on a cabinet or shelf. Now it is fashionable to decorate walls with inscriptions. They will decorate the room without overloading the interior while being eye-candy for babies.


How to decorate a baby room? Whatever you choose to decorate a baby’s room, the main thing is that the child should like it. Try to combine all decoration items with a common idea, theme while not overloading the interior with many colors and details. On our site, you can buy all the necessary baby room decorations apace and at a reasonable price. You will find baby milestones, wooden babies’ names, family puzzles, and much more. Just visit our site and see tons of cheap products that are feasting our clients’ eyes.