Most people know closets as lockable structures that house our clothes. However, open closets have gained popularity over the years and currently come as standard in many homes. Open closets do not have a sealing panel and are great for bedroom spaces. They easily blend in with different bedroom designs despite their open style. Here are some benefits you can enjoy with an open closet.

Convenient Storage Space

Open closets offer convenient storage space sufficient to serve the needs of users. The compartments help organise belongings and style the closet. Moreover, special compartments can be installed to store shoes and hang clothes. Drawers can be added to house personal belongings like rings, bracelets, watches and ties. An advantage of open closets over closed closets is the efficient use of space. Closed closets need room to accommodate the swinging the door and often have a door frame in their design. As a result, floor space is wasted and storage space is also limited.


Although most people believe it’s better to hide what’s in your closet, showing it off can improve the aesthetics in your bedroom. From a distance, open closets look like a mosaic on the wall. The different coloured clothes from unique patterns that blend seamlessly with any space. Moreover, you can style your closet to accentuate the aesthetics of your space. Empty compartments can hold vases, picture frames or other fittings that add style to your closet.

Minimalistic Design

In recent years, there has been a huge focus on minimalism, the use of simple designs to achieve complex functions. Open closets are a minimalistic interior design option that serve the same functions as traditional designs. Moreover, an open closet encourages a minimalistic lifestyle that is pegged on keeping necessary possessions and reducing hoarding. The closet draws attention to what you own and how you use your belongings. In the end you can easily determine what you need and what you can do without.

Easy to Clean

Open closets are easy to clean. You can access all spaces and wipe down all the surfaces with ease. Taking out the drawers is not a hustle and each compartment can be cleared completely to facilitate cleaning. Moreover, it’s effortless to identify dirt on an open closet compared to a closed closet. All you need is a keen eye.

Better for Organisation

Items in an open closet are often more organised than in closed closets. With a closed closet you are more likely to throw clothes in a compartment without folding them. You can easily cover up any mess by closing the door. On the other hand, you can’t hide much in an open closet. Since the contents of the closet are always in sight, we make efforts to organize our belongings.

Saves Time

Open closets save a lot of time since everything you need is in sight. It’s hard to misplace clothes or confuse compartments. Moreover, when your clothes are in full display it’s easier to pick out an outfit.

Considering all benefits you get to enjoy with an open closet, it’s not surprising that it’s popular. Try out open closets. You will not be disappointed.