Similar to several other foods, you can find yourself looking to store some cannabis. How you store your weed is important, whether long-term or short-term. One of the frequently asked questions is, does weed get old, among others related to potency. While weed remains potent for long, storage does prevent its quality from lowering. Older weed may have lower potency than newer/ well-preserved cannabis.

Storage, for the most part, depends on the time frame. If you are storing your product for a long time, you may have to prepare for the same. How to keep weed fresh depends on the amount and the longevity of the stored product. 

Main Storage Methods

As a stoner, you may find yourself needing to store various forms of your cannabis. There are distinctions between storing the flower, the plant, and the joint. In this case, we look at how to keep weed in the form of joints and your flower or buds. 

Store in Air Tight Containers

Most users prefer buying their pot to last a few days or weeks. With this in mind, there will be storage instances to get the product to its final day in its perfect potent condition. When you find yourself with a bud or two, you can place them in airtight containers. 

One of the best ways to store marijuana is to use airtight glass cylinders. They do not let any air in or out, which means the contents will not be exposed to any conditions that may undermine their quality. When you use the glass containers, you get your marijuana preserved in its original content. 

In Vaccum Sealed Ziploc Bags

In case you find yourself with a larger quantity of cannabis, Ziploc bags are always options. How to store weed in significantly larger amounts, you only need to take a Ziploc bag, place your weed inside, and vacuum seals it. 

After sealing the contents, you place the bag in a dark place away from direct sunlight. The general temperature should be cool. When you want to use your compound lasting a while, you will extract and process it as needed. 

Important Things to Note When Storing Cannabis

Cannabis storage is not as technical as it may sound to some stoners. As you have seen, you can preserve your weed for prolonged periods with items in your home. While storing, there are certain aspects you need to be on the lookout for;

Temperature and Lighting levels

As briefly mentioned, lighting and temperature levels determine the preserved quality of the marijuana. The ideal conditions are significantly darker rooms with cool temperatures. The cool temperatures should not be the extreme. 

Once your weed is in the right container, you can place it at room temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cool. The darker rooms prevent the reaction of some marijuana components with lighting. You may get away with storing your plant in open areas with higher temperatures in smaller quantities. One thing you should avoid is storing it in freezers or refrigerators. 

The Nature of your Weed

Most people who keep their cannabis long-term have it in the form of flower, buds, or the plant itself. You may want to place your product in Ziploc bags or airtight containers.  

The same goal is to prevent airtight spaces that may degrade the weed quality. But what about joints? Most people wonder how to preserve their joints, especially if they have several. With joints, the general rules apply. Try keeping them away from heated or too cold regions. Also, direct sunlight dries the joints over some time, so you should keep them away from direct exposure. 

Amount of Product

Different people have different storage needs. While one may be out to store some joints for months’ use, another may want to keep an entire marijuana plant. Before you look up ways to store your product, you may need to familiarize yourself with how much you keep.

Storing in airtight containers for one may not fit someone with a huge amount of weed. What you enter into the search engines should be clear if you want to hold blunts, several kilograms of flowers, or even ground flowers. 

Pro Tip: Use up all your ground product as soon as possible. 

Safety Net Storage

As a stoner, you may have thought of storing some weed for the long term. Or maybe you came across a significant amount and cannot use it all up quickly. This will have you reeling to find the best ways to hold your marijuana.

The best thing is common storage techniques around the house can keep your weed at its original potency levels. Depending on the nature of your weed, you can choose to store it in glass-tight containers, bags, or any other appealing method. The only warning is not to keep your marijuana in the refrigerator, which may undermine its quality. As you can see, marijuana storage means differ from user to user. Think about your needs and choose the one that suits you best.