Rugs are a common household item used to add a beautiful look to the floors. Modern designs have taken over the other traditional ones to add a fun and creative touch to the interiors. Contemporary rugs are used exactly for this purpose. Bold patterns and colors, geometric shapes, and random art are all being used to give a unique look to the home. While it is not a child’s play to make them complement the rest of your interiors, if done right, there is nothing better.

Contemporary rugs are used to create a Western design and suit someone looking to create a more informal look for their home. Your first step while picking a contemporary rug is to choose a company that offers quality rugs at appropriate prices.

What kind of contemporary rugs should you use?

What kind of contemporary rugs should you use
Motifs of flowers or other things are a common sight in contemporary rugs. Bigger, bolder motifs spread across the rug stand out and help in adding a unique touch to the room, especially to the kid’s room or a common area. Picking a rug with floral designs that complements your wall colors will have more appeal for a longer time.

If you want to add a subtle rug to match the bold wall colors, then you can pick a single-color woven rug. These rugs are simple, but the weaving techniques make them stand out. Woven on a base, these rugs are handcrafted by artisans to put together a beautiful contemporary rug. They are available in many colors and also in prints.

Stripes on a rug are also a great way to bring focus to one area of the room. Add a bright-colored rug near the fireplace that can instantly add excitement to your life. It makes the entire area pop. Handwoven rugs are softer, but natural fiber rugs have a longer life.

How to pick the right rug?

How to pick the right rug
Determining the best rug for your rooms depends on one main factor, which is the foot traffic. A room or area with less foot traffic can have a nice rug that doesn’t need much cleaning. However, a room that receives heavy foot traffic will need a rug that is easy to clean and doesn’t wear out easily.

Balancing all of the design elements in the home can be difficult at times. You can choose a rug that complements the look and ties everything together.