Cleaning the laminate flooring regularly is necessary to ensure that its appearance stays fresh for the longest time and also that the surface is not exposed to materials that might cause damage to it. Laminate floors require maintenance from time to time so that they stay clean and safe. Here are some of the cleaning tips using which you can clean the laminate floors in order to keep them new for the longest time:

Stick to regular sweeping and vacuuming the floors

Instead of using the traditional stiff broom for cleaning the floors, you should use one that has soft-bristles instead. There is another version of the same that is available as a dry microfiber dust mop and can be used for the clean ups. If you are going to vacuum the surface, you should remove the beater brush as using the same can damage the surface of the floor. Make use of a hard floor attachment in case you have vacuum model that supports the same. Be careful when you are using a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure that you clean the sticky spots

At times, a lot of sticky patches appear on the laminate which does not look good and also tend to appear sticky when you put foot on them. These can be due to spilling of any liquid substance. In such a case, you should make sure that the spot remains clean, and for that, you can make use of a microfiber cloth along and spray the vinegar-water solution on the floor for doing the cleanup. Make sure the mixture is such that it contains one cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. Keep a check on the floor from time to time to take a look at whether it has been spoiled and needs a quick cleanup.

Never wet the floor

When you are using a liquid cleaning solution, you should make sure that the floor does not get wet. Use a dampened cloth to clean the surface. This is because the excess liquid can seep inside the laminate plank and cause warping, which will be visible with time. Use a microfiber mop which is not too wet and damp enough to clean up the floor. Mops that come with sponge and string should be strictly avoided as they can leave marks on the floor and cause a lot of damage which is irreplaceable. Another important thing that should be noted is that you should avoid using soaps and detergent on the surface so that water does not seep inside the surface of the floor and caused severe damage to it.

Avoid wearing shoes on such floors

Always keep extra soft slip-on for the guests or your family members when walking on the laminate floors as these are susceptible to getting scratches easily. Wearing sharp heels on the floors can also damage them severely, and the surface might appear odd. If you have pets in your home, then it would be best to keep mats or rugs on the floor so that the floor does not get harmed by their sharp nails.

Clean the liquid spills quickly

Never let the liquid spills stay on the floor if you are aware of such a mishap. It is best to clean it up quickly and use a soft cloth and a mild solution to avoid any damage to the floor surface.

On a final note, always use a good quality solution for cleaning the laminate floors as these are extremely delicate and need to be handled carefully in order to make them look new for the longest time.