If you are looking for an affordable and fast way to spruce up one’s kitchen, then painting is the way to go. A new shade of spicy paint on your kitchen cupboard and cupboard doors will definitely give your kitchen a new look. Unlike the other painting projects that you can have in your home, when painting your kitchen cabinetry, you need to be extra careful and keen to details. If you have enough cash, you can even opt to have your whole kitchen hardware replaced before painting them. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of painting your kitchen cabinets?

Advantages of Painting Your Kitchen Cupboards

There are several advantages that many homeowners can enjoy by having their kitchen cabinets and cupboards repainted. These merits include:


When planning for any project in the house that involves a makeover, most homeowners take into consideration the cost. No one wants to start a costly project then end up getting stuck halfway. If you opt to have your kitchen cabinetry painted, then you will be able to save a few dollars compared to the person who will opt to have their kitchen cabinets replaced. You will only need to cater for the cost of painting and maybe the labor if you don’t want to utilize the DIY videos on how to repaint your kitchen cabinets. To the homeowners who want to save some few dollars, then painting will be the affordable option to go for.

2.Allocation of funds to other projects

Allocation of funds to other projects
Since painting will save you from spending a lot of money, you have the opportunity to use the extra dollars in other remodeling projects in the house. What most homeowners don’t know is that the cost of replacing your kitchen cabinets can take up more than having the budget of your kitchen renovation. If you manage to cut down these costs, then you can include additional things in your renovation project. You can even purchase the high-end kitchen appliances that you have been dreaming about.

3.Saves you more time

The kitchen happens to be one of the busiest parts of the house. This means during renovations you cannot access your kitchen, and you have to make arrangements on how to get your meals. When you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets, it means you will have to endure only a few days or a week at most of these slight inconveniences. But if you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets, then you have to endure a few weeks, since the project takes longer than the painting process. Painting offers you a fast solution to giving your kitchen cupboards a new look.

4.New look

New look
Painting is one of the fastest ways of one to get a new look in their homes without worrying about spending a lot of money. Your old ugly cabinets just need new fresh paint for them to have a more glossy, new look. If you get a professional to repaint your kitchen cupboards and also handle any repairs, you will have your cupboards as good as new. Experts will give you a fantastic finish; it will be like you had replaced the entire cupboard hardware in your kitchen.

Disadvantages of painting your kitchen cupboards

Just like any other project in your home, painting of your kitchen cupboards has its downsides.

1.Your cabinet type

cabinet type
When you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to take into consideration the type of cabinet you have. There are some kitchen cupboards that painting won’t work on them and you will have to replace them and get a new set. The state of your kitchen cabinets’ plays an important role. If your kitchen cupboards are already too old or very damaged then painting them will not help much. The painting will just improve their look but won’t improve their functionality. Get an expert to access the current state of your kitchen cupboards and ask for their professional opinion on whether painting is the best option for your kitchen cabinetry.

2.The painting process is tedious and takes a long time

With many people embracing the DIY ways of dealing with home projects, painting your own kitchen cabinetry might seem like an easy task. This is far from the truth, hiring an expert will save you time and mine. You will not only be guaranteed a high-quality service within a short time span, but you will also have the opportunity for your cupboards to undergo detailed inspection. But if you still want to paint your kitchen cabinets then be prepared to perform the following tasks:

  • Removing the cupboard doors and drawers from the hinges (you will fix them back after you are done with the painting process)
  • Labeling of all the items you take from the drawers and the hardware too.
  • Cleaning the cupboards thoroughly before beginning the painting process.
  • Removing the old paint by sanding your cupboards and cupboard doors.
  • Priming your hardware.
  • Painting, you might need to paint multiple coats on your kitchen cupboards.
  • Putting back the drawers and doors back, it’s highly recommended you sue new hinges.

DIY videos will give you the process, but it will not give you the professional knowledge and skills you need to finish the job. This means that the painting job will take you longer than you expected. And if you miss any particular step, then your results will not be admirable at all.

3.Using paint brushes

paint with brush
Many people who are not experts in the painting industry prefer using a paintbrush when doing any painting project. The main disadvantage with this weapon of choice is that when it’s used to paint kitchen cabinets and cupboards, it tends to leave marks on the surface of the cupboards. The best tool to use would be a spray gun; however, most homeowners do not have this tool and then using the spray gun also requires some expertise.

Painting your kitchen cupboards might seem to be an easy task and definitely cost-effective. However, it’s a task that one should consider after looking at the pros and cons of doing it. Also, self-evaluation of whether you have the time, knowledge and experience to handle the task is critical, or you will end up doing a pathetic job and waste both time and resources. If you want to have a hassle-free painting process on your kitchen cupboards just hire a professional painter to handle the project.