There is no other place like home. Imagine a long and tiring day at work. You are drained off every ounce of energy, and all you want is to go back home and crash into your bed.

There is nothing like the comfort that your home provides, no matter how spacious or little they might be. Therefore, when there is so much that your abode provides to you, the duty of keeping your home safe and sound falls on you too. It is a two-way road and must always be treated as such. One of the best ways to provide for your house is to have a home warranty at your disposal. Just like every electronic device that you buy comes with a period of warranty, during which you can opt for free or discounted replacement or repair of parts, a warranty on your house works on similar lines too. But it is not the same as home insurance. You might be confused between the two, so let us explain to you in more significant details what a home warranty is all about.

What is a Home Warranty?

First things first- a home warranty is not synonymous to home insurance. This is one thought that you must take out of your head before we even begin to discuss what a home warranty is all about. So what is a home warranty? In the simplest of terms, a home warranty serves as a form of contract between the house owner and the home warranty company that provides replacements and repairs of some parts that make a major portion of the house free of cost or at discounted rates. These parts usually include the furnace, swimming pools and even electrical systems that are a part of the house. A home warranty, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, works on the similar principle of a warranty on electrical devices. Home insurance policies might not be able to cover the same, and that is why getting a solid home warranty from an authorized company becomes imperative.

How Do Home Warranty Companies Work?

Home Warranty Companies

You now know what a home insurance company does and how it helps you in repairing and replacing specific important components of your house. But, it shall also do you good if you take a bit of interest to understand the dynamics of the home warranty companies. There are several credible sources on the internet that you can check out for enlightening pieces on the home warranty to understand the topic better. Home warranty companies have tie-ups with service providers, and these service providers are informed by the home warranty companies when they receive a complaint. The service providers reach the location to examine the problem and determine whether the damage can be covered by the warranty. And that is how they proceed with the work.

What Are the Costs Associated With a Home Warranty?

The cost of purchasing a home warranty really depends upon how elaborate the plan is and how much coverage the plan provides to the homeowner. There are several options that one has for the payment of a home warranty. You could pay once and for all, or also pay the price in instalments. The cost of the home warranty depends on the type of the property; that is, a home warranty on a duplex will cost different from a condo. And speaking of the factors that do not influence the price of a home warranty, the property age and the surface area of the property are some of the many.


You might be utterly confident about the quality of your house and the components that it is made up of. But one cannot predict how the future shall unfurl. And that is why it is essential that you have a home warranty along with the right home insurance plan at your disposal. These two plans are going to come handy in ways unimaginable further down the line as your property starts ageing. You shall not only be able to save up a significant amount of money on your home repairs, but can also acquire maximum protection for your house.