If you are looking for a blender review before investing your hard-earned money, then that is always a good thing. But most blender reviews will tell you the nice things, like the features and pros and cons.

There are so many things you need to keep a note of when making such an investment. I know, I am making it sound like a big investment. But, after paying the dues, if the blender doesn’t get the job done, disappointment is surely underway.

So, for all the kitchen enthusiasts out there, here are things they never tell you in a Blender Review.


Your Working Space Matters

Did you know that the tallest blender I have ever seen is 20.5 inches? They come with ample volume and power too.

Even for personal blenders, before deciding on any blender that you have your heart set on, ask yourself how much space do you have to work with it? Where will you store it? Where is the powerpoint?

These three questions determine the kind of blender would be ideal for your daily workspace needs.

Speed Combination

These days you are going to find many variable speed features that come with some of the best blender brand sin 2019.

You will get to choose from the speeds you need. So, before you buy yourself a blender, go through what the customers are saying about the speed controls.

This is where a Blender review by a customer who bought it will be of real help.

The Pitcher

You will get your blender pitches either in a glass or plastic.

Glass pitchers would be cheaper, but brittle too. Making them rather risky to use. But, they re great with hot and cold food. Also, the glass pitcher can make it a little heavy.

Glass pitcher blenders are dishwasher friendly.

Plastics, on the other hand, are lightweight, safer and durable. But they can be expensive and most of the times they are not dishwasher friendly.


Why Buy a Blender?

If you like to have more raw food,then high-speed blenders are an essential cooking appliance.

High-speed blenders are the best option when it comes to making green smoothies. No more “sip and chew” or any fibre strings between your teeth.

Rough leafy greens such as kale, collard greens and parsley blend thoroughly, making them into delicious green smoothies.

These durable blenders make the richest and creamiest smoothies. They are so addictive that you will make them every day. If not, you will be craving one.

Several nutrition specialists say that because the high-speed blenders break down the food into tiny pieces, they can be much easier absorbed by our bodies, giving us the most food value per unit of food.

You will get a blend so thoroughly that they break down cell walls, unlocking the maximum amount of nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients that you chew alone can’t do.

Some vegetables and fruits such as pineapples are fully utilized in a high-speed blender since it can pulverize and puree the tough core, which is usually discarded.

So if you are the kind who has a regular requirement of pulverizing food and have to make smoothies a blender will save you a lot of time.

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