There are certain standard norms that apply to the real estate market globally. But then there are certain exceptions to that story. The Sydney market is one such exception. In order to buy property in Sydney, be it for investment or for the purpose of living and settling or retiring, there are certain rules and regulations that shall be known to someone who is looking for buying property in Sydney. If you are that someone, you have landed on the right article.

Traits Of Sydney Market

1. Learn the industry jargons

The industry has a different form of language that is used especially by the evaluators or the sellers. If you are not a local and are willing to buy the property in Sydney, then it is necessary that there should be an understanding of those jargons. The property is different in terms of the vocabulary. It is necessary that someone willing to buy should know what apartment, blocks, avenues and property mean. Only then there could be a common understanding between the buyer and the seller.

2. Never choose luxury over stability

If you are looking to buy property in Sydney, it is necessary to know that the Sydney market is not stable for the ones who look to buying the luxury property. This is because of the nature of the markets. The Sydney property market has never been biased towards luxury because the prices and the situations keep changing frequently. Thus, if someone is looking for changing their primary homes, make sure you make a stable choice because the luxury prices are fluctuating and the value on investment cannot revert back on resale.

3. The mortgage stress is over-talked

There has been a talk about the mortgage laws and deferment about the Sydney property on the news. But those laws have made the headlines for long now. The mortgage rates are found to be poor and the house debt is high but it is not that all houses are facing mortgage stress. But then that being said, the government rules on mortgage offers less stress over the house borrowers. They can service their mortgage.

4. House values take dip and high

Unlike other markets in the global economy, the house values are not stagnant at a point. Most property does take a stable point in the valuation over the years. But with the Sydney property market, the prices and the valuation of the property take a dip and go to high at substantial rates. Hiring a professional valuation company in Sydney is a must before investing.

5. The supply of property and related amenities is more

The government has made sure that the property and real estate are always built from scratch for someone who is newly investing. This might seem a process that takes up too much work and the process might, but the resources and the availability of it has been made sure to be accessible by the government forces. No matter what region i.e. the outskirts, the downtown or the upstate or the city, wherever a person chooses their ideal property and the formation of it, there will always be enough resources and supplies on the raw materials available.

6. It is an expensive market

The Sydney market has forever been an expensive market. The market has seen the house price to income ratio at 5.7 times, which is higher as compared to the US which has a ratio of 3.5 times and also the UK which has a ratio of 4.7 times.

The Sydney market is always costly even with the availability of raw materials and resources because of the limited access to land. The available land is low and that is why even the construction is done at a lower charge but the land availability is resulting at a higher rate.


Thus, someone looking for buying or renting any property in Sydney for any purpose of settling or investing or retiring, should make sure that they are aware about all the jargons of the industry and the on-going trends of the market. After someone is completely aware about the decision they are making, only then it is advisable to make a property decision of the sort. The Sydney market is ruthless to its buyers and sellers, so one must be completely sure of the decision they are making.