You have a mattress protector. It only makes sense. Mattresses are an expensive investment, and you want to keep your mattress clean and protected from moisture, spills, allergens, bugs, and the skin you shed every night. 

There are a host of reasons you would want protection for your pillows as well. Pillows can also be expensive. A good supportive pillow is hard to come by. Besides, even the pillows that say you can wash them often come out lumpy or not as comfortable as before. So what are you to do to keep your pillows safe from the hazards that surround sleep?

Everlasting Comfort’s hypoallergenic waterproof pillowcase zippers around your pillow of choice to provide 365-degree coverage. It is breathable and soft. It will not make a crinkly noise as you move in the night. It will protect from fluids as well as allergens, bed bugs, and dust mites. The pillow’s exterior is made from soft cotton terry cloth to provide you a soft surface. The interior membrane is polyester which blocks allergens, bugs, and moisture. 

The pillowcase is designed to be machine washed and dried, making it easy to keep clean after any accident or whenever you change your sheets. It is available in king, queen, and standard and will definitely fit your pillow. Additionally, it comes in a 2 or 4 pack, so you have extras on hand during laundering or in the case of a midnight incident.

 But why do you need a waterproof pillowcase? If you have not yet experienced a situation that convinces you that your pillows need protection, here is a list of three reasons you might want to purchase a waterproof pillowcase.

1. Body Fluids

It’s not a pleasant thought, but protecting your pillow is just as important as protecting your mattress. You may sweat or drool as you sleep, and the bacteria can grow in your pillow and transfer back onto your face causing breakouts.

Perhaps you get nose bleeds and find yourself waking up with stains on your pillow. Bloodstains can be one of the most challenging stains to deal with, especially once the blood has dried. Having a waterproof pillowcase will protect your pillow. The reviews on Everlasting Comfort’s pillowcases for stain removal are fantastic.

If you have or plan to have children, you will doubtless go through the difficulties of potty training. Nighttime training can be one of the biggest challenges, and it is a lot easier to get mattress and pillow protectors than constantly have to treat the items with stain cleaner. Also, as urine can be an extremely pervasive smell, once the phase is over, it is much easier and cheaper to replace the covers than the items themselves.

2. Cosmetic mishaps

Have you ever fallen asleep with your makeup on? What about falling asleep with wet hair? These are probably things that you try to avoid, but they do happen. It is great to have a waterproof pillowcase to protect your pillow from these late-night accidents.

Falling asleep with wet hair might be fairly standard for you. However, if you ever get your hair dyed (especially any vibrant or fun colors), the first few washes after your dye job tend to make a lot of the color come out of your hair, and if you fall asleep with that recently dyed, freshly washed hair, you might find some fun color transfer to your pillow. Hair dye is next to impossible to get out of a pillow, which is yet another reason you may want a waterproof pillowcase.

3. Eating/Drinking in Bed

Who does not love a midnight snack or breakfast in bed? Unless you never drink in bed, it might be a good idea to get waterproof pillowcases to protect your pillows from accidental spills and crumbs. You have probably seen the memory foam commercials with the kids jumping on the bed while there is a glass of wine in the far corner. If you are going to try that at home, we recommend a waterproof pillowcase. It will protect against wine, coffee, juice, and even the crumbs from your late-night cookie.

Once you have found the perfect pillow, you want to take care of it. You get pillowcases with your sheet sets, but those provide only the minimum protection for your pillows. Picking up a couple of packs of waterproof pillowcases is recommended, so you are always prepared and your pillow is always protected.