As the weather outside gets cooler, many of us naturally spend more time indoors, and specifically more time at home. And whether ‘home’ is a compact condo or spacious semi-detached, we want to be warm, cozy and entertained in our abodes. For tons of households, that means getting ready for another season of “Netflix and chill”.

As effortless as idle screen watching seems, there are key preparations you can make for your home entertainment comfort and consumption this season. For a preview of home heating solutions, fast forward to these reviews of the best Vornado heaters, and for viewing inspiration, rewind to these 100 greatest movies of the 2000’s.

Make sure your room is warm

There’s nothing cool about shivering through the latest hot release. It’s uncomfortable, distracting and can even be unhealthy, as constant cold temperatures can weaken our ability to fight illness. If your living space is consistently cold despite the heat being on and functioning properly, check for areas where heat may be escaping. This includes your windows, front door, and ceilings. Of course, if your main heat source is not functioning well, you should consider whether it’s time to replace your furnace.
Make sure your room is warm
If keeping individual rooms warm is still a challenge, then a portable space heater may be the answer. These powerful home appliances can do a fantastic job of projecting and circulating heat in small and large rooms. Look for features like climate control, quiet operation and auto-shut off and so you don’t have to worry about getting up mid-scene to make temperature adjustments, missing punchlines because you can’t hear, or falling asleep with the heater still on.

Make sure your screen is positioned correctly

Sinking into the couch and bingeing on rom-coms from our bedrooms can feel really good at the time, but not so great later. Health experts agree that the best place for our television screens is at eye level when seated and away from the bedroom. Here’s why. Positioning screens incorrectly can lead to neck strain as you try recline or watch from another position. Follow these guidelines to place your flat screen in the ideal viewing position.

And although a movie sounds like a nice way to wind down before bed, numerous studies have shown the negative effects of screen time on sleep. Practice healthy screen consumption by making your bedrooms technology free zones, and making sure the credits are rolling at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Make the best movie snacks

Make the best movie snacks
Ever watch a squirrel prepare for the winter season? While they don’t hibernate, they do store enough snacks to avoid extra trips out in the cold. You can do the same by stocking your freezer and pantry with classic or unconventional movie snacks like berries, nuts, deviled eggs, and pate which also provide vitamins our bodies need more of during winter.

With just a little preparation, your home will be a cozy haven that you, family and friends enjoy all season long!