There are many things to consider while planning living in a tiny home. It is not an easy thing as you see it in on Instagram pictures to create a healthy and comfortable living environment in tiny houses with a limited space to plan with. A key aspect to consider while living in tiny houses is the indoor temperature. When summer is approaching, and you are thinking of the ideal cooling options for your tiny house, then here are some options.

Installing window, ceiling, desk, or floor fans


A fan is a budget-friendly option to think for a tiny house. Fans are used for decades to ensure proper air circulation and cool off the room temperature. While installing ceiling fans, always set the direction of the blades to rotate in a counterclockwise direction during summer and clockwise direction during winter. For other modes of fixed fans, the location may make a big difference in its impact.

Roof Vents

Regulation of room temperature for a small house can be effectively made with a roof vent also. As we know, heated air naturally rises, and RV-type ventilation will help this heat escape through it and keep your interiors cooler. It is ideal to incorporate this also while building a tiny house, and if not, it can be fitted by cutting a hole on the roof. However, take extra care to seal it properly after installation of RV if you cut through the roof. Compared to other modes of room cooling, roof vent fans only use minimal power.

Window air conditioners


There are many tiny house window air conditioners available in the market to make Tiny House Life easier. Getting a good model can be the most reliable and affordable mode of air conditioning for your tiny house. The pricing of these compact models are budget-friendly and retrofitting it to a tiny home can be done easily.

Roof-mounted air conditioners

If you have a tiny home on wheels, then you may consider some RV-style air conditioner which is roof mounted. The major benefit of roof-mounted AC is that it can be used for cooling as well as heating. One major concern with the roof-mounted air conditioning unit is that it can be installed on flat surfaces only. However, many of the tiny houses tend to be slanting roofs than flats.

Mini-split air conditioners

Mini-split air conditioners are also ideal for tiny houses, which are the miniatures of the split ACs for traditional houses and offices. This is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install a model for tiny houses, and there are many verities available in this sector. They are also very quiet and also cute things to view. The pipes to the external unit may be run through walls by drilling holes. A good mode split AC to your tiny house may give a premium feel than a traditional window AC unit.

Apart from these, there are many new innovative ideas also put forth by the builders who are focusing on tiny house constructions. As there are various options available, you needed first to assess the structure and built as well as the environmental requirements of your tiny house to choose the most appropriate system. Research and due diligence and also get some expert opinion before choosing an appropriate model.