Aside from hospitality, here are a few elements to include in your dining room that will leave your guests wanting to come back for more. These 4 tips will help you take your dining room decor to the next level. 

Let the Light In

The amount of light in your surroundings affects more than how well you see. Research shows that lighting can affect mood, energy levels, and even appetite. In order to make your guest feel welcome ensure your dining room is adequately lit with artificial and natural lighting. Brighter areas stimulate increased serotonin, and natural lighting is known to help humans stick to natural circadian rhythms. 

Mirror Mirror

One of the biggest interior design trends of 2021 is adding mirrors to your space. This use of mirrors is a great way to make a statement, add texture, or produce an illusion of additional space. Mirrors also reflect lighting. They are an excellent way to brighten a room without sourcing additional lighting. 

Choose Natural Elements

The addition of plants and other natural elements to your dining room will create an inviting essence. Incorporating plants and greenery into decor is not only trendy and aesthetically pleasing, but can also be good for your health. Houseplants produce oxygen, and eliminate harmful toxins. 

Bold Artwork

An easy way to bring your dining space to the next level is to incorporate bold artwork. Adding artwork is a great way to create a mood, add color, or create a focal point. Whether your preference is neutral tones, or a bold palette- the addition of artwork is a great way to show your personality.  Studies show viewing artwork causes a rise in serotonin. Serotonin levels affect the regulation of mood, appetite, and sleep. Cognitive functions such as memory, and learning are also affected by serotonin levels. Viewing artwork incites creativity, imagination, and enhanced brain function.

Dining rooms are often one of the most important rooms in our homes. Countless meals shared with loved ones along with everlasting memories of family and friends. When redesigning your dining room ensure it has sufficient lighting, and if not add a mirror or additional lighting. Keep it natural, let in natural lighting if available, and incorporate natural elements including plants into your decor. Be sure to choose artwork that suits your style, and makes you happy.