Are you just plain sick of your dinnerware and ready for something new? Are you just starting out on housekeeping and need a first dinnerware set? Are your dishes mismatched and missing important pieces? Well, it is not that expensive to treat yourself to a new dinnerware set that matches your taste and will last for decades. Shop smart and get a good quality set that will grow with you. If you shop with a well-established company and stick to more classic patterns, you can start with a basic set and add to it as your needs change or your family grows. It is always great to know you can replace pieces that get broken.

Shopping For Modern dinnerware

When shopping for modern dinnerware sets, look for dishes that you like and will make the food served on them look good. Go for good quality that will not break or chip easily. Look for dinnerware that is both lightweight and sturdy. Make sure it is food safe and dishwasher safe. Think about getting the basic set in a color like white and then adding pieces in other fun colors or designs to coordinate with it.

Choose a dish manufacturer and retailer who sells dishes individually as well as in sets. Then, stick with the same collection so the sizes and shapes are the same and play with colors and patterns within that collection. The goal is to mix and match the pieces with every meal and occasion so the set is interesting rather than boring. Also, different foods look good on different colors of dishes.

One promising dinner dish material is Melamine. It is strong, lightweight, and versatile. Suppliers like Bzyoo have large color and pattern choices.

How Many dishes Do You Need?

Decide how many dishes are needed for a dinnerware set. A person who lives alone and does not do much entertaining does not need a dinnerware set for 12. But, a family with parents and children needs enough dishes to feed everyone and some spares for in-between washing dishes. A couple that does a lot of entertaining will need adequate numbers of dishes to meet their needs.

The number of dishes included in the new dinnerware set depends on how many people are living in the home and how much entertaining is done. A single person or new couple can get a 4-place setting of a favorite pattern of dinnerware and add to it as their situation changes. Just choose a pattern that will be available for a while. Don’t purchase discontinued close-out dinner sets if you may want to add to them.

But plates aren’t the only pieces needed for convenient, pleasant dining. A dinnerware set should contain several sizes of plates, bowls for soup or cereal, and for deserts. It should also contain serving plates and bowls. Once the dinnerware is set, the dishes must be added to include silverware for eating and serving and glasses and cups for liquids. If a family or person enjoys drinking or serving wine or other specialty beverages, add the appropriate wine and other glasses.

Then, consider what pots, pans, and other cookware are needed to prepare meals and bake treats or bread. Knives of different sizes and mixing spoons will be needed. The best way to determine extra cooking and serving pieces that are needed is to make notes as one cooks and is short items they need. It is fine to purchase one or two pieces at a time.

Do Colors Make a Difference?

When choosing a set of dinnerware, consider the food that will be served on it. It might be nice to pick a bright bold pattern from an artistic standpoint. But, what if food is overwhelmed by that pattern. What if the color chosen makes food look unappetizing? Choose dishes that are attractive and make food look good.