Dining table is one of the crucial and important pieces of furniture you choose for your home. For it, you will gather with family and friends for an evening dinner or on holidays and special occasions. Perhaps the children will do their homework, and sometimes it can even become your temporary office if you work from home. Regardless of individual preferences, there are several basic criteria for choosing a dining table.

In order to choose the best table for your room, there are a number of key criteria to consider. For instance, the table must be of a shape and size that fits comfortably within the space, leaving room to move around it. Selecting the right material and construction can also have a big impact on the longevity and cost of the table.

Dining Table Shape

When choosing a form, you can be guided by different criteria. Some pay attention to the general style and color scheme, others – to beauty and fashion, others – to practicality, the most original owners – to psychological compatibility. According to experts, the shape of the table affects the spiritual microclimate. A square or regular circle creates a trusting environment and stimulates the desire to communicate. The classic rectangle does not go out of fashion, but the range of furniture stores is not limited to it:

  1. Square. The most luxurious but not always practical choice. It is convenient to sit at a square table for four; there will already be problems with the accommodation of guests. Furniture uses up a lot of space, so it does not fit into any kitchen. If you want to satisfy taste, the desire for luxury, and the desire to save space at the same time, choose a folding square model;
  2. Oval. A stylish choice is suitable for modern classic or modern interiors. It is not difficult to calculate the size of an oval countertop, and a convenient, streamlined shape allows you to put furniture in a small kitchen. The absence of sharp corners is a factor of additional safety, which is essential for families with small children;
  3. A circle. The best option for accommodating guests and family members. It does not require a lot of free space so that it will fit into any kitchen. Models with a diameter from 137 to 200 cm are popular.

Dining Table Material

The furniture industry offers so many options that even an experienced store consultant can get confused. Each material: wood, plastic, natural and artificial stone, glass, chipboard, MDF has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze the most popular varieties:

  • Natural wood is beautiful, environmentally friendly for centuries, but very expensive. The option is suitable for connoisseurs of medieval classics and fashionable European Art Nouveau. A table made of wood can even fit into a high-tech interior; the main thing is to give it a clear and strict outline. For the manufacture of furniture, the most challenging types of wood is used – birch, oak, elm, larch, apple;
  • Glass. A fashionable option that can bring a touch of originality to an existing interior. Do not be alarmed by the possible fragility of the countertop: the furniture is made of special impact-resistant glass, which is not subject to chips, scratches, and cracks. Taking care of such a table is very simple: to maintain cleanliness, you need to wipe it with a damp cloth periodically;
  • Rock. A stately and massive stone table gives the interior a luxurious effect. Furniture is suitable for Mediterranean style, chalets, Irish national motives. Cons – high cost and impressive weight, such a dining group cannot be moved to a new place during redevelopment;
  • Plastic. A popular, practical and inexpensive material that offers significant advantages. A plastic table can be of any shape and color, according to an individual order, it can be made “like a stone” or “like a tree.” Modern, high-tech urbanism is common interior style in which plastic furniture will take root;
  • Rattan. Wicker furniture, more suitable for a country house than for a city apartment. If you correctly combine a rattan table with a headset, you can create an atmosphere of natural warmth and comfort.

Dining Table Dimensions

Choosing The Form Of The Table, Think About Your Needs

The most common are square and rectangular tables, and they have the largest selection of different styles and sizes. A round table can give you a little more space to move, however, as it cuts corners, but it still has a large surface area. For small rectangular spaces, an oval may be the best choice.

Oval tables are great for gatherings and conversations because there are no corners and everyone can talk to everyone the same way. When placing people, you are only limited by the circumference of the table – but you can lose serving space if a round or oval table is densely planted by guests.

How Many Legs Of The Dining Table Are Preferable

  • Structures with four and three legs located at the corners of the tabletop are stable. In this case, the shape of the table can be anything: rectangular, rounded, polygonal. Their convenience and practicality have been proven over centuries of operation, so unnecessary words are not needed here.
  • Single-legged tables are generally round or oval. They are very convenient for accommodating the maximum number of eaters, as they allow you to stretch your legs freely, and nothing interferes with the arrangement of chairs. Minus one – despite the massive crosses or support discs, such a table is not stable. Pressing firmly on one of the edges can overturn the entire structure.
  • Tables with two legs are rectangular or elongated oval. As a rule, there is a crossbar at the bottom, on which it is convenient to lean with your feet. The products look pretty unusual, but they do not allow full use of the ends since the chairs and knees will rest on the racks.

Any designer can offer dozens of options for choosing a table and chairs for the kitchen. Let’s highlight some examples according to your need.

The dining room allows, you can give preference to a solid-looking large square table

A square table is no less popular than a rectangular one, but there are some nuances with its placement in the interior. The square is less democratic than its rectangular counterpart and requires competent softening of its equilateral with other pieces of furniture.

A massive wooden dining table is permanently located in the composition of the room.

A traditional solid wood dining table looks luxurious and rich. However, it weighs a lot, looks monolithic, and requires a permanent location. He is good in a huge living room of a country house. It is also appropriate in a city apartment in a small version, but with large footage.

Dining room between blue and wood

Between bench, chairs, and designer armchair, we can say that this large wooden table has surrounded itself well. Another good point: the bluish cocoon in which this dining space is integrated, a must from which it would be wrong not to be inspired.

An arty dining room

On animal skin, a designer table and mismatched chairs pair well. On the wall, it is a composition of arty black and white frames that perfects the decor.

A long dining room

All in length and arranged opposite the kitchen, this dining room dares the color, without any false note.

A retro dining room

With their tulip base, the coordinating table and chairs seem straight out of a 1970s interior, and we don’t mind.

Dining room under the stone arches

Sheltered by exposed beams and a sublime slate arch (a stone used to make the roofs), this dining room plays on design.

A mottled dining room

Unearthed at the Chatou Fair, this dining table has surrounded itself well. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to six chairs found at the Flea Market.

Dining room like in the countryside

This large wooden table is covered with a country-patterned tablecloth and surrounded by eight vintage chairs. Results? A charming dining room!

Workshop-inspired dining room

Mounted on trestles, this wooden board makes a very original dining table. Around, chairs and armchairs mixed and matched the atmosphere perfectly.

It is important to pay attention to the decor and seemingly unnecessary little things that will ultimately create harmony in the whole room. If you consider all that listed above, family and friendly gatherings will always go off with a bang. After all, a beautiful, practical area for eating – will be remembered by everyone! Because everything else is usually enough: delicious homemade food, familiar faces, a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. A practical, high-quality interior of any kitchen is a guarantee of comfort and convenience.