The bathroom sink does not have to deal with a plethora of activities as the kitchen counterpart, but that is not a reason to consider them less important. Since these sinks are not workhorses, selecting a new sink based on looks is tempting. Appearance and design are significant, but there are certain other considerations you must bring into account. 

Pointers to initiate shopping

It would help if you stayed careful of a few areas before beginning your hunt. These vital questions will have a direct impact on your purchase. Hence, you have to be careful to make ideal purchase: 

  • Will you replace the basin? If so, do you intend to use the same countertop? What will you do with the faucet? You have to make modifications in the plumbing system and other areas not to limit your options. Take proper measurements so that the new bowl fits into the space. If you do not want to make any alteration in the installation site, you may go for an under-mount or drop-In sink to add necessary dramatic touch to your restroom. 
  • Do you require a vanity? If you have a large countertop, it helps you set down everything nicely. However, every bathroom does not have this facility. If you already have a vanity, you may remove it and install a new one like a wall-mount or pedestal sink to give the bathroom a fresh look. Whether you keep the vanity or not, ensure that the countertop is modified and it does not create a mess all around. 

Here is your guide to different types of kitchen arrangement:

Popularly, there are three categories of the sink: drop in, under-mount, and wall mount. However, a new variety is emanating recently: the vessel sink or the above-counter sink. You also have porcelain and ceramic basins to suit different bathroom layouts and budgets. 

Drop-In sink with self-rimming

One shared bathroom sink is the drop-in sink, which requires an easy installation process. The sink bowl has a cut-out placed on the counter, whereas the outer rim rests on the countertop. However, it would help to take extra care when sealing the bowl with the countertop. The space between counter and edge needs proper sealing not to give way to grime, water and mold. The rims of this basin vary widely. Some are chunky, whereas others are large. Ensure that you select a basin that fits the bathroom style and goes according to your budget.

Under-mount basin

For those who desire something stylish and sleek, the under-mount basin is the best option. These sinks are located below the counter, creating a clean drop-off from the counter. More so, the counter edges are exposed; thereby, you must ensure that the counter material is waterproof. One of the significant considerations with this type of basin is the visibility of the rim below the countertop. It can be because of various reasons. Most manufacturers specify the visibility of the edge, but some professionals will not give you that information. You may have to take the help of plumbers and professionals for installing the basin and ensuring that the rims are not visible. 

Irrespective of the rim visibility, you must take great care for accurately sealing the gap between the counter and the bowl. The bowl requires special installation care so that water does not intrude and there is no mold growth later on. More so, you must be cautious of the specific size and dimension of the under-mount basin before installing a new one.

Pedestal sink

As it comes from vintage style, the freestanding bowl is slender, tall base with a traditional appeal. The small footprint and design make it a perfect choice for a small bathroom and restrooms. If you love conventional or vintage style, you may go for a bathroom sink with sleek and elegant design. The only drawback of this basin is that you do not have landing space around the bowl to store or place toiletries. Since there is no vanity below the bay, it dramatically reduces the storage space inside the bathroom. Ensure that you have a different spot for storing your essentials and that the pedestal sink does not come in the way. Since the basin is wall-mounted, it requires a large area in and around the wall to place the support and for proper fitting. 

Vessel style or above-counter sink?

Another prevalent option hitting the market is vessel sinks. They witnessed high demand in recent times. You have many admirers of this sink style for several reasons, and there are two ways of installing a vessel sink. The standard installation process is where the basin base gets mounted near the drain hole. The second installation process is where the gap is drilled on the countertop so that the bowl plunges inside it. It is very similar to the earlier category but requires more time. The design and height of the basin is the main reason behind its popularity. The vessel sink rim is vulnerable to breaks and chips. Hence, you have to be very prudent when selecting these alternatives. 

Moreover, there are porcelain and ceramic sinks for the traditional yet contemporary appeal. If you want an ultimate classic option for your restroom, you can go for the porcelain sink. These sinks are not that expensive and gel with different backgrounds. Hence they go with any bathroom layout and beautifully blend with them without drama. The material offers natural resistance to mildew, stain, and bacteria. More so, it is easy to clean and the major reason behind its popularity. Since you know so much about these sink options, it will help you in your selection process. When selecting a sink, ensure that it does not require much maintenance or professional handling. 

Lastly, you may get new bathroom layout ideas from the internet as it will help you in the designing project. You can renovate the set up under expert guidance to get best results. It will enhance the overall look and make your home decor look highly appealing.