Marble is a beautiful natural stone revered for its natural beauty and used extensively in homes and commercial buildings. While its understated charm is unbeatable, marble is prone to stains and scratches owing to its porous surface. If not maintained well, it can absorb water and dust particles and gradually lose its original luster.

If you’re worried about the appearance and longevity of your marble flooring or countertops, read on for effective ways to keep your natural stone surfaces in top shape.

Create a marble cleaning routine

If your marble floor has become etched and dull, it could be because of a lack of continuous care. Marble is an exquisite stone that lasts a lifetime with proper upkeep. Regular dry and wet mopping is an integral part of long-term marble care.
Create a marble cleaning routine
To keep dust and debris from damaging the marble, use a soft microfiber broom to sweep the floor daily or every other day in rooms with limited traffic. Follow this up with wet mopping using a mild cleanser that won’t scrape away the stone’s natural sheen.

Use the right cleaning product

For best results, use a non-abrasive, stone-safe cleaning product with no alkaline or acid content. If you’re not sure which product is safe for your marble flooring, you can trust the granite cleaner from Rock Doctor as it has been specially designed to gently clean natural stone floors, countertops, tiles, and grout. Free of acid and other harsh ingredients usually found in popular surface cleaners, this granite cleaner is safe to use on natural stone floors, countertops, and other surfaces.

Before using any cleaner, however, remember to dust off the surface with a soft dry mop to remove minute dirt particles, hair and food debris.

Use rugs and mats in high-traffic areas

The natural beauty of marble can be protected by placing door mats, runners and rugs in spaces that see most traffic in your home. Entry points are particularly prone to scratching from dirt and grit from shoes. The same principle applies to your granite or marble countertops. Place trivets, coasters, and mats at places where your family is likely to place hot or cold food and drinks. These small steps go a long way in protecting stone surfaces from everyday wear and tear.

Another easy way you can reduce the amount of grit that enters your home is to place a shoe cabinet near the main door. This will give your family and visitors a place to keep their shoes as they enter and limit exposure to the floor.

Avoid using harsh all-purpose cleaners

Avoid using harsh all-purpose cleaners
Your expensive marble flooring deserves special treatment for it to be in top shape for years to come. If the floor has got stained or dull over time, don’t feel pressured to use a strong cleaning substance to scrub away the unsightly spots. Doing this can further damage the floor surface as such products strip away the top layer (or sealer) of the surface and make it prone to cracks, chips and damage from moisture.

The cleaning substances you should avoid using on natural stone include acidic cleaners, vinegar, lime juice, ceramic tile cleaner, glass cleaner, tub cleaner, bleaching powder or liquid, conventional toilet or floor cleaner, ammonia and disinfecting liquid or wipes. These can harm a stone surface and leave permanent spots and scuffs on the marble.

Use a high-quality granite sealer for added protection

Marble is a porous stone, which means it can easily absorb water, oil, and dust. Applying a good sealer all over your marble flooring will make it easier to prevent staining and scratching. Use a sealer especially made for use on marble floors to increase liquid resistance. This will prevent moisture build-up which can weaken the floor and harbor bacteria.

Sealing marble or granite is not difficult, but it can easily go wrong if you don’t use a good product. Invest in a quality sealer from a trusted seller, clean the surface that needs to be sealed, and then spray the sealer over a small section. Wait a couple of minutes before wiping the product with a clean and dry cloth. Don’t step on the surface for 30 minutes to allow the sealer to dry. Repeat the process every 12 to 18 months.

With proper daily cleaning and periodic maintenance through sealing and polishing, your beautiful marble flooring will stay in good shape for years to come. This is achievable if your entire family embraces everyday habits that protect granite/marble surfaces against spills, stains, and dust.