There are simple home designing and revamping tips that will make hiring an interior designer a waste of valuable resources. Are you ready to take the first step in turning your home into a stunning paradise without breaking the bank? Read these top 3 simple home design tips and wake up your dormant, inherent creativity. You can also find inspiration here

  • Choose neutral colours for your walls.

According to experts, neutral colors, including beige and grey, enhance decorating flexibility. Selecting neutral colours for your walls gives you an unlimited opportunity to experiment with various designing tips, beautify your walls as you deem fit, and make the room appear bigger.

  • group living room furniture.

Neatly arranging furniture across the living room gives you a sense of balance, calm, and organization. Consider arranging your living room furniture to face a central table. They can be arranged to either form a U or an H shape. Contrary to the popular belief that arranging furniture close to the wall makes the room feel larger, it makes it feel cranked up and smaller. You may want to leave enough movement space between the walls and furniture.

  • Use artwork and mirrors on the wall.

Mirrors reflect light across rooms and ultimately make them look bigger and brighter. However, arbitrary placement of mirrors will not produce the desired effect. For the best result, mirrors should not be placed across the window but perpendicularly close to it. Placing artwork on the wall is an old decorating tip, but most get it wrong. The artwork’s size should correspond with the wall. For larger walls, consider larger artworks, and if you can’t find one, arrange small artworks together with a bit of space between them. 

For example, you can add these beautiful dandelion wall art to the large wall of your bedroom or living area. It can instantly set the mood of the room and can make your space look trendy.


Your home should be your fortified fortress of comfort and happiness. It should always be suited to your comfort and lifestyle. For instance, if you are a freelancer working from home, you may want to create a mini office equipped with necessary work equipment and devoid of distractions within your home.