Here you will find our Top 5 End of Tenancy Cleaning Hacks that will surely help tenants and landlords figure out how to deal with their parts of the tenancy agreement.

When the tenancy is coming to an end, end of tenancy cleaning has to be performed. If you are a tenant who wants to restore the rented accommodation to a condition eligible for a full deposit refund, you will need to put in a decent amount of time and efforts in order to ensure the deposit refund. Or, as The Listing Real Estate Management advises, if you are a landlord whose tenants had vacated the rental without restoring it to a decent condition, make sure you have enough time to get the property clean and neat for new tenants.

1. Start Your End of Tenancy Clean Earlier

Without a shadow of a doubt, the move-out cleaning is a lot more complicated and detailed than the daily cleaning routine. If performed by one person, it would take a couple of hours per day for a week at least. If you do not believe you can handle the final cleaning on your own, please know that you can always count on the experts and book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

In order to collect your check-out deposit, the rental unit has to meet its initial condition prior to you moving in. Even though landlords cannot force tenants to hire a professional cleaner, some often try to mislead you in order to guarantee a clean and neat property.

Depending on how big the unit is and its condition, we would advise you to start at least a week ahead so that you do not have to push yourself too hard.

2. Go Through Your Move-In Inventory Report

In order to avoid any tenancy disputes, it is advisable tenants and landlords to make an inventory inspection (right before the tenant moves in) and keep a copy of the report in order to have proof of the condition of the property.

3. Prepare an Extensive Cleaning Checklist and Follow It

It is a good fortune that you can find numerous checklists on the internet. Our advice would be to invest some of your time in a research and make sure you know what you have to clean up. Or, you can use the after tenancy cleaning checklist we have for you. We are more than sure that you will find it to be useful.

Bonus tip: Pay extra attention to the hallways because first impressions count the most!

4. Provide Proper Cleaning Equipment

A professional end of lease cleaning is performed by cleaning specialists, rather than regular domestic housekeepers. This means that professional cleaners are equipped with high-quality vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, etc.

If you decide to do the move-out cleaning on your own, we would advise you to consider hiring proper steam and vacuum cleaner. Average household vacuum cleaners often cannot do the trick.

5. Find a Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Our heartfelt advice would be to always take your time and research before you book a company. Reviews, guarantees and insurance is what set us, truly reputable cleaning contractors, apart. Make sure you compare what companies say for themselves and what customers say.

What is important for landlords is to list the rental accommodation back on the market quickly. The cleaner and neater the unit looks and feels like, the faster it will be rented again.

Last but not least, consider the benefits. If you are not into cleaning at all, we advise you not to risk and hire professional cleaners instead. They are widely experienced in the field of cleaning and best know what tenants and landlords need to be done. What is more, they make use of high-end cleaning gear most of which cannot be found on the market and the best part is that it is included in the price of the service. Besides, end of tenancy cleaners come with in-depth know-how and a keen eye for detail. Reputable cleaning companies come with a 48-hour guarantee in case you are not happy with the outcome which is definitely a huge benefit. To make it easier for you, place your trust in is.