If you are thinking of buying a new mattress, you might experience challenges since gone are the days when you would step into a mattress store and leave with a quality mattress. The mattress industry is dynamic, and online retailers have stormed the market, some providing low-quality mattresses. When the time comes to buy a mattress, you should be aware of a standard mattress’s quality. To help prevent such mistakes, here are the top 6 factors that will help you make a better decision before purchasing a mattress.


A standard mattress offers comfort when sleeping and when sat on. The right mattress should relieve the pressure that accumulates on the joints and back regions. When looking for a mattress, find one that offers comfort such that you wake up feeling relieved. The ideal mattress enables you to sleep in a neutral position such that your spine is aligned correctly. Lay on the mattress while you are at the store and seek an unbiased opinion from your partner or friend. Ensure that your spine is in a neutral state when you lay on the mattress.

Temperature Controlled

When looking for a mattress, consider those that naturally regulate the temperature. Some people don’t get enough rest since the mattress has minimal air circulation, and they experience body chills or night sweats due to poor mattress quality. Consider the mattress structure and ensure that it regulates cold or heat. Temperature regulation determines your sleeping comfort, and with that in mind, you should also consider having a Bedjet along with your mattress. Besides, using a Bedjet as a temp regulation device is a better alternative compared to electric blankets, fans, or space heaters. It will guarantee you the needed warmth and sleeping comfort.

Materials Used

Mattresses vary in terms of comfort and support that they offer, and all this boils down to the type of material used in making the mattress. Familiarize yourself with all the mattress materials before you buy a mattress. Basically. The conventional mattress materials that you will find include latex, air mattresses, hybrid, memory foam, and innerspring mattresses. The innerspring mattress comes in different firmness levels, although it can’t mold itself to suit your body, although the latex and memory foam mattresses can.

Consider all the mattress material properties and settle for one that suits your personal needs.

Your Sleeping Style

Consider whether you have a specific sleeping style since it could help determine whether a given mattress suits your habits. Some people sleep on their belly; others sleep on their backs while others sleep on their sides. If you fancy sleeping on your belly, find a mattress that straightens your backbone and sinks your belly and arms. If you enjoy sleeping on your back, find a mattress that aligns your backbone while sinking the arms, head, and back regions.

Online Reviews

Consider the mattress company advertisements and go through unbiased opinions posted by other customers who purchased the mattress. When you consider adding a mattress topper will come across positive and negative reviews that you can use to make a valid judgment. With online platforms, you will have access to plenty of mattress brands, you get to evade taxes, and you won’t have to deal with the pressures of a salesperson. Besides, you can post on social media platforms that you need a quality mattress. Your friends will provide their honest opinion on different mattresses since they have experience. Besides, friends and family members will recommend the best mattress that properly aligns your spine as you sleep.

Size of the Mattresses

There are several mattress size options that you can pick from, but it all boils down to your bed’s size. However, you will notice that the market is filled with twin size mattresses ideal for one person. If you are heavier or taller than a typical person, then you should consider purchasing a twin extra-large mattress. If you are not interested in the twin mattresses, there are other options available for you. You can get the California king-size, the king-sized mattress, the queen-size or the full-size mattress. If you are an adult, the queen size or king size mattress would be ideal for you. For kids, the twin or twin extra-large mattress would be ideal for them.

A mattress is an asset that deserves proper thought before making a purchase. The right mattress might be expensive, but it’s worth the investment since you can’t place a price tag on your health. These six tips will help make a sound decision when purchasing a mattress, and as a result, you get to avoid sleep-related ailments associated with low-quality mattresses.