There are billions of people on the planet and everyone has their specific hobbies. Today we will be sharing apps that will help the viewers in following a hobby. We will be sharing a list of Top Apps to Install on Your Android for Gardening. Those who are into gardening are about to get some great apps.

These apps will help users in following their Gardening hobby properly. Gardening can be a good hobby as well as a profiting business for many. Now, these applications will help the users in getting the best features. All the shortlisted applications will be offering the best services and features for everyone.

What are Top Apps to Install on Your Android for Gardening?

Top Apps to Install on Your Android for Gardening will be provided in this article. Each app offered here will provide a different set of features and services. This is the opportunity to find the best apps for their Android phones. There are many things that the users will be able to learn from these apps.

Now it may seem a normal thing to do for many. But managing a proper garden is quite a hard task. There are numerous aspects which require to be looked after. That is why having an added application for help is very necessary. There will be many areas which the app will cover for you.

Gardening is not only about managing but there is a lot more to it. There is a lot of o learning as well before getting started. So we will be sharing applications that will provide accurate and updated information. This is one of the most important reasons to have a gardening app on Android.

The applications we are sharing today will be used for both information and management purposes. Readers will be able to find the list of all the shortlisted apps. As mentioned in the very beginning, each application will have specific features and services. So here goes the list of all the app:

Garden Answers

This application is simply one of the users of the most informative app can get. The platform has information regarding more than 20,000 plants species. If anyone is interested in knowing more about the plant spices they have around them, then this application is going to be the option to have on their phone.

The application usage is going to be very basic for every user. All the users are required to do here is, getting a snapshot of the plant they won’t identify. Now simply they have to submit the snapshot on the application. It will provide all the available information regarding the plants instantly.

 This online platform will be completely free to download from Google Play and other sources. Although there are in-app payments offered for added features. The purchases are not mandatory to buy, if anyone wishes to do so they can go ahead.

My Soil

Now, this app is going to be very useful for those who are just getting into gardening. This application will help in getting information about which plants are best suited for the soil. It will be identified the soil in your area and let you know which plants are best suited for the region.

The application is offered by the British Geological Survey. It is created after proper research and tests. It will use the mapping service to indicate the regions. There will be a requirement of enabling the location services of the device. The application is completely free to download online. 

All the services offered here will be completely free to use and there will be no in-app payments offered. This is going to be a great option for those who are interested in getting into gardening as mentioned above.


This is an online platform for Android device users. The platform will help the gardeners in interacting with each other. This is a global platform that will help people in solving problems and share their suggestions. It will be very useful and interactive for the gardeners.

Everyone has to create an account here and then get started. It will help the gardeners in keeping the catalog of their plants. It is also providing an encyclopedia of over 18000 plants. It will help the enthusiasts in learning about new spices of plants and much more.

As we have mentioned multiple times above, this is a great platform for beginners. There are many experts here, who are ready to share their knowledge. If anyone encounters any problem, experts help will be available 24/7.

Planter – Garden Planner

 This tool will help the users in covering the basic requirements for creating a Garden. There are some very basic rules of plantation and keeping those rules in mind is very important. The platform will help the gardeners in keeping all those rules in view.

Keeping proper distance between plants is very important for proper growth. It will help in providing proper Grid layouts. It also has information regarding 50 plus fruits and vegetables. It is specially meant for vegetable gardens.

These are the most suitable apps for Android users who are interested in Gardening. There is a lot to learn and the application will provide the sources to learn from. As said above, these applications will be completely free to download.

Final Words

So here is the list of top Apps to Install on Your Android for Gardening. Your hobby will see a boost if you install them now. There is an android app for any hobby that you have on your mind. Find them on and go digital now.