A potting bench, which is also known as a gardening table, is used for small gardening tasks. It has a work surface that is raised to a height that is suitable for a standing person to work. It may also have built-in features that allow the user to store tools and equipment while displaying potted plants.

It is something you need to have if you intend to make your gardening activities easier and organized.

Yet, not everyone has the time or wherewithal to build or buy a potting bench. What can you then do? Customize!

Here are some hacks to customize your potting bench if you can’t get a new one.

Get a Workbench

Get a Workbench
Garden potting table or benches come in different sizes and designs. Bear that in mind when you get a workbench. The first step in customizing a potting bench is to look for a workbench that meets your specific needs. You could get a workbench from just about anywhere.

Your local secondhand store, your garage, your friend’s place, or the roadside are some of the places where you can get a workbench to convert. The thing is to make sure that it is sturdy and wide enough. If you have options, you could opt for a foldable workbench. You can also make this workbench impervious to weather elements by painting it with outdoor emulsion.

Get Creative

Use any two containers and a painted board to create a potting shelf. Simply put the board on top of the overturned pots. You can then make things even better by framing your workbench with hung shutters.

Use drawers, plastic bins, or crates to organize and store your gathering materials like seeds, fertilizers, garden twine, potting mix, and peat pots.

Make the most of empty pots, planters, and buckets by repurposing them to store stuff like extra bulbs, garden ties, floral wire, and various gardening materials.

Creatively use clothespins, jute twine, plant extender hooks, wooden trellis, S-hooks or wires in such a way that you can hang tools like your gloves and spades on them. Use these materials to create a potting bench that can serve your gardening needs.

So if you are not interested in building or buying a garden potting table, rest assured because customizing your potting bench is as easy as it gets. All you need is a firm workbench and a range of accessories. If you do it right, you will find out that you have a great place to store your gardening stuff and carry out your gardening activities without burning a hole in your pocket.

There You Go

There You Go
Potting benches are great for container gardening because they save you the stress and pain that come with doing things like pruning potting and transplanting plants while bending. Since it is easy to set up, most gardeners opt for customizing tables into potting benches.

While that can be fabulous, nothing quite beats a brand new potting table that provides grace and beauty to your house. You can save yourself some stress by getting your potting tables from Garden Suppliers.