Having evolved considerably from the days of old, blacksmiths and their wares have become some of the hottest properties in home decor in recent times. As a result, blacksmithing decor is an increasingly popular trend, with a number of homeowners looking to incorporate the style into their homes. 

What is Blacksmithing Decor?

Today’s blacksmiths still use the hot and cold forging of iron on an anvil to create metal items, although decorative and creative items have overtaken the practical applications of yesteryear. The materials have diversified as well, with aluminum and stainless steel currently experiencing a resurgence. 

It’s not just professionals flocking to blacksmithing; it is fast becoming a hobby that people of all ages take up. The affordability of quality blacksmithing tool kits is helping to make blacksmithing accessible to both the hobbyist and professional alike.

Top Blacksmithing Decor Ideas

While traditional tools, such as hammers, anvils, and chisels are still used, they are combined with modern technologies that include plasma cutters and welders to create unique art pieces. 

Non-Traditional Materials

Blacksmithing Decor has evolved beyond the forged iron of yesteryear, with a diverse range of different materials available to be forged.  Blacksmiths are increasingly looking to incorporate non-traditional materials into their designs to give them a finish that makes a statement. These materials include colored and stained glass, mosaic tiling, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and wood stone. For the homeowner, this creates a range of different textures, colors, and finishes that are unlikely to be replicated and can be matched to the colors and feel of the home.

Unique Spaces

Any homeowner will attest that there is always at least one space in any home that no matter how hard they look, there is nothing available that looks right there. Designing and creating an item that fits that unique space perfectly while complementing the area around it makes blacksmithing decor a popular choice for these spaces.

Candelabras and Chandeliers

For those trying their hand at blacksmithing, candelabras are often one of the first projects they work on. Candelabras and chandeliers not only make a statement but add a sense of the dramatic to any home. Given the range of materials available to the modern-day blacksmith, these pieces do not look out of place in any home, as the finished product can be designed to complement the style of the house and the interior decor creating a sense of luxury.

Restoration Works

Over the last decade or so, restoration works have become increasingly popular, with homeowners looking to reinvigorate the past rather than recreate it. Blacksmithing decor is a popular choice for gate works, where bold, large, imposing wrought iron gates can recreate feelings of a bygone era while complementing the property’s overall appearance, especially in older-style houses. While stairways and railings ranging from minimalistic to elaborate can set the tone for the interior decor.    

When accompanied by today’s technology, the versatility and range of materials available have seen the popularity of blacksmithing decor rise. There are an endless number of ways that the unique pieces created by blacksmiths can enhance a home, especially if the piece is a one-off.