to rake autumn foliage

The cold weather during the fall period may slow down the growth of grass, but it doesn’t mean you should keep away from your yard tools just yet. Taking care of your lawn is essential even during fall to ensure that remains in good condition until the coming spring. The fall is the time when the grass is soaking up energy, nutrients, and moisture it needs to survive during the dry and chilly winter season. The more you care for your lawn during this time, the better would be the chances that you would need lower maintenance in coming months. Here are the few lawn care tips given by Atlanta Turf & Tree that you need to keep in mind

Continue Mowing

You should continue with your mowing routine even if the grass in your lawn is not growing at the alarming pace it usually does during summer. As the winter approaches, the blade of your lawn mower should be set at the lowest for the last couple of mows. It would ensure that the sun rays are reaching the crown.

The Lawn Should be Watered Correctly

During the fall, evaporation takes place at a slow pace, and the lawns see a consistent amount of moisture through the dew. However, the humidity and dew during the fall are not enough to keep the grass healthy as the roots need to be correctly hydrated. Many people use a rain gauge to water their turf during the fall by at least one inch per week, which is required for the healthy growth of the grass. An irrigation system or sprinkler can be used as well to water the lawn properly.



The lawn needs to be adequately aerated for the healthy growth of grass, and fall is the perfect time to do it. The use of aerator would make it easier for you to dig small holes in the soil that would regulate the airflow and plug out the dirt and debris. The aerators are also available for rent, and you can also hire lawn care services Chesterfield VA to aerate your lawn.

Rake Your Leaves

Raking the leaves during the fall is essential so that it doesn’t hinder the sunlight from reaching the grassroots. When the leaves are splattered across the lawn, it makes it difficult for the sunlight to reach the grass, and it can negatively impact the growth of the green. Not only does it block sunlight, but the dry leaves would also absorb the moisture and leave the lawn grass dehydrated. Moreover, the worst part is that if the piles of leaves are left on the lawn for a more extended period, it will kill the grass beneath it. So, raking of leaves is necessary from time to time.

Use Leaves to Make Mulch

Use Leaves to Make Mulch

The leaves that you have gathered with raking can be crushed using leaf shredded or by using your car to make mulch that can be used during spring. It is a cost-efficient way to gather mulch and is an excellent way to recycle leaves.

These are the few top tips you need to keep in mind during fall to take care of your lawn. Other than the tips mentioned above, it would help if you also used the weed killers to control the growth of weeds in your yard. The debris spread around the lawn should be removed to give a neat and clean look. It would also help in ensuring that the debris like sticks and pebbles doesn’t become an obstruction for the grass to get sunlight and water. If you think doing all this is too much for you, there is always an option to hire professional lawn care services in Chesterfield, VA.