We are finally coming up to the season of sun, and if you are lucky enough to own a pool then we are sure you are ready to take those covers off and prime it ready for when the warmer days come. 

Having a pool is a big commitment. It can become unhygienic, dangerous and unpleasant pretty fast if it is not taken care of properly, so it is really important to keep your pool maintained, even in the months you might not use it.

For some tips on how to maintain your pool to keep it in a safe and functioning condition, read on!

Assess the Pool

This is maybe an obvious first port of call, but assessing the condition your pool is in will determine how much maintenance you need to do – or whether it is best just to strip it all back and start from the beginning. If the water looks really filthy or it has not been changed in 2 to 3 years at the very latest, it is definitely time to drain the pool and deep clean before replenishing it with fresh water.
If you have kept up regular maintenance or are new to owning a pool and want to know how to keep it fresh, you could probably skip to the next step. Do what you think is best and never risk your health.

Check Your Pool Chemistry

Your pool water should contain different chemical levels which helps kill and neutralize harmful bacteria in the water. If these chemicals are off, it can pose health risks and allow unpleasant bacteria to grow. This also includes algae and other water molds. Regularly test your pool water to make sure these chemicals are in the correct balance to keep your water safe and be sure to invest in a filter to keep your water as clean as possible.

Clean the Pools Exterior and Surrounding Areas

It is not just the inside of a pool that can be dangerous if left unkempt. The exterior of the pool is also just as important for safety reasons when it comes to maintenance. This is often an area where people will walk bare foot, which can be dangerous if there is anything sharp. But it is true for dirt and build up too.  Bare feet can easily take debris and other matter from the side into the pool, so for these two reasons, it is important that you keep up maintenance around these areas. Invest in some professional cleaning tools from arbourlandscapesolutions.co.uk to make sure you get a quality finish. 

Rent or Hire a Pool Cleaner

Depending on how often you use your pool and how often it needs to be cleaned, renting a pool hoover or hiring a pool cleaner could be the more affordable option than purchasing the equipment yourself. If you hire a pool cleaner, you should have a guarantee that it will be done to a professional standard and feel secure in the knowledge that your pool is safe to enjoy again!