Plants should be put in every room of your house and your workplace. They are very efficient at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, which is essential for human survival. With the scale of plants being destroyed, adding plants to your living room is a small step toward repairing the damage and sustaining our planet for the future. 

It may not seem a lot but everything we do contributes to the environment. Of course, you can’t just put a plant in your living room, several things need to be considered first.

Know Your Species

Take a look at house plants online and identify the different species. When you’re planting outdoors it is always best to go with plants that are native to your region. But, if you’re planting indoors you’ll have more control over the amount of light, food, and even the temperature the plant enjoys. 

That’s why you need to take the time to do the research. The prettiest plants are often exotic. They may need special care to ensure they flourish in your living room. Be certain you know what care they need and that you can sustain the care for the long term. It’s the best way of ensuring your plants flourish.

Don’t Overdo It

Plants are lovely, they look great, help to bring the outside inside, and can actually boost your mood and your health. But, that doesn’t mean your living room should be overrun with them. You need balance. 

A plant in each corner and a central one is symmetrical, looks nice, but probably impractical. However, the theory is good. Five plants scattered across the space works. Of course, you may want to reduce this number if you have a small living room or large plants. 

Choose The Right Pots

In order to create the right effect, you need to think about the pot you’re placing your plant in. There are plenty to choose from, it’s worth taking a look at the environmentally friendly options. 

The pot you choose should reflect the color scheme in your room, ensuring it doesn’t look out of place and puts the emphasis squarely on the plant.

Consider A Bench

This isn’t actually a reference to a park bench. Instead, you’ll want to consider adding a row of plants to a specific area of your living room. In effect, making a plant corner which can help you to feel like you’re outside, even when you’re not. 

Don’t forget that plants in your living room need to be practical. It’s not just about looking after them. You should be considering your family members and how likely they are to knock them. All plants need to be placed so that they are safely out of harm’s way, that can be challenging in a house with children!


When placing your plants you need to ensure they have enough light. This will vary depending on the species of plant. In general, they’ll want natural sunlight but this can be replicated, if necessary.