If you own a car, you will need to create space in your compound. Having a garage in your home will add value and give your home a unique look. Depending on your preference, you can use your garage for different functions. The following are factors you should consider for your garage design.

Type of garage

There two main types of a home garage. Attached and detached garage.

An attached garage is joint with the main house. This means one can access the house from the garage. It’s very convenient during the rainy season because you will not be exposed to the rain to and from your car.

Detached garages are built separately from the house. To access your car, you will have a small distance to walk. It can be used for a different purpose depending on your needs as it can be easily adjusted or reconstructed for various uses.

 Garage usage

A home garage can be used for different functions other than parking a car. One can use it as a workstation or a storage facility. Multipurpose use will influence the design you chose. A workstation will require extra space for tools and machines while a store will require shelves or partitioning your garage.

Floor space and number of vehicles

Your space will determine the design you chose for your garage. For a limited space the design must ensure your garage needs are satisfied. Having more than one vehicle you will need extra space compared to having one vehicle. This means if you have a fleet of cars you need a bigger garage.


Cost is a very important factor for any project. The cost of building, materials, and maintenance of your garage will determine the design you go for. Complex designs will always come with a high price while simple designs are much cheaper and easy to maintain.

Air circulation

A garage should be well ventilated to allow enough air circulation. It is very important to consider having a well-ventilated space because car fumes can be dangerous to human health when inhaled. This also helps the garage to always have a fresh atmosphere.

Outside look

The physical look of a garage is one of the most important factors for any design. An elegant look will give your home a unique standard. Most garages can be indented from afar due to their common standard structure. However, you can have your garage take a similar look to your house.

House above your garage

It is much economical to have an attached garage to your house. You can create more space by living above your garage and use the remaining space for different purposes like building rental or having a kitchen garden.

There are different factors you should consider for your home garage depending on your family’s needs. But having a garage is ideal due to its multi-purpose use. You can easily expand it to a workshop, home office, or even a storage facility which not only offers you security for your vehicles but also creating more room for different needs.