A video wall hits two birds with one stone. It can serve both design and functional purposes in any space of one’s home. No wonder, this trend has caught on from home city lounges to family areas in the suburbs.

A video wall can serve as an alternative for movie nights at the comfort of one’s home. Or it can serve as a handy work or communication tool in a home office.

The Perfect Centerpiece for any Gathering

Home video walls are the perfect centerpiece for parties on different occasions. It’s very flexible and requires low maintenance, compared to the usual party or event styling requirements.

Simply upload an appropriate audio-visual presentation or AVP, be it a movie, music video or any apt audio-video combination, and there you have it the perfect event centerpiece.

A Worthy Investment

A Worthy Investment

Not all video walls are created with the same price tags. The price is relative to either its size or purpose that it should serve. Prices may appear hefty at first, however, they are more of like a long-term investment.

It is more in-demand nowadays than five years ago, proving one’s money will not go to waste. The key is going for the perfect video wall to fit your home and having provisions, which would avoid costly redecorations and adjustments in the future.

Flexible Design Element with a Plus

Flexible Design Element with a Plus

Mounting a video wall in your home will most likely cost you nothing additional except for the cost of the video and its installation. This is because video walls are like chameleons who can easily adapt to any design aesthetic.

Hence, there’s no need to redo your entire family area or home office, just so everything would look visually coherent. Other than an adaptive design element in your home it is also an amusing entertainment feature.

Inter-device and platform compatibility

One should ensure that his or her video wall could adapt to the latest technology or even provide for future compatibility with other devices. Hence, it won’t be a bad idea if it’s for example ‘Apple’ or ‘Google TV’ friendly.

It will really depend on the owner’s preference. It is best to see if most of his devices are let’s say mostly Android or iOS. It won’t hurt to provide provision to ensure adaptability to both platforms.

Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Potential

There’s a reason for the steady growth in the demand for video walls be it in the home decor or office productivity segment. It can serve multiple purposes and unlimited alternative at the fraction of the cost of the actual item.

One day it can serve as your party’s centerpiece. The next day it can be a virtual aquarium to amuse your guests and at night your family’s home theatre.

Now more and more people have realized the versatility of these multi-purpose video walls. This has dramatically increased the demand for video walls at home. Hence, costs are expected to drop given the increase of its prospective buyers.

Now, home video screen prices are more pocket-friendly than ever before. Back then the demand wasn’t notable, hence, prices were high and almost not reasonable.

It is no doubt that video walls are here to stay in the long run.