From sleek, streamlined contemporary design, to whimsical and odd-looking contrasts; a modern kitchen design requires to offer a lot more than just the functionality.

Traditionally a cold, hidden-away place; kitchens in modern houses seem to have gone through a radical rebirth. It’s now an integral element of a home, whose design needs to be aligned and complemented with the entire interior. Therefore, in modern kitchen design, the emphasis is on openness, cleanliness, as well as the traditional functionality. Being a space that often connects to the living room, it also needs to be calm and welcoming, with an aesthetic appeal to wow the design enthusiasts.

So, how to approach a trendy kitchen design that perfectly complements the design philosophy of your home? Let’s find out below.

Consider the Needs of the Space

Consider the Needs of the Space
While we all know that interior design depends heavily on the size and the shape of your kitchen space, you also need to consider the position of the space. Is it connected to the living room? How much of it can be seen directly from the door? Do you have lots of ventilation and natural light sources? As there are many styles of the modern kitchen – from central, circular to corner setups; the answers to questions like these bear a huge ramification to the kitchen design suitable for your needs.

Decide on the Colours and Furnishing

Although the light sources have its say, the colors to incorporate in your kitchen need to be aligned with your overall home décor. For example, if you have lots of natural light, using toned-down, matte colors may be the perfect solution. Otherwise, you may have to consider adding some bright colors to your kitchen. However, there are no definite color pallets for modern kitchens, so don’t be afraid to play with imagination and showcase your personality.

The furnishing also plays an important role, as they ensure the most functional aspect of a kitchen – cooking and dining. While the trend is to use streamlined furnishing, whether it’s the sitting arrangements or the cabinets, you can bring some unique characteristics by playing with the small details, textures, and positioning. Adding a single pop of color in the oasis of a bright, white colored kitchen can easily enhance the appeal and the attractiveness of your kitchen.

Constructing the Kitchen

Once you get the basic things out of the way, you can then focus on sourcing the materials needed to build your kitchen. As employing a professional interior designer is expensive, you can easily take advantage of the ready-to-install kitchen designs available in the market.
Constructing the Kitchen
With an abundance of options to choose from, make sure to make an informed decision after considering all the necessary elements. You would find a lot of design themes – from simple to extravagant, a plethora of material choices, as well as the settings of each material. If you opt for highly customizable kitchen design, you can still add some personal touch to your designer kitchen.