In the latest studies, scientists discovered that there are more than 500 airborne particles inside your home. Considering the amount of disease-contributing allergens, viruses, and dust particles present within your living space makes the environment as polluted as the outdoors. Aside from that, one of the reasons why most of us has grown susceptible to allergic reactions is because of polluted air trapped inside our homes.

The lack of proper ventilation is the main culprit for having polluted air in our homes. Areas within the confinements of our house are more susceptible to trapping pollutants, including dust, airborne bacteria, and harmful viruses. This, in a way, does not compare to the outside environment where airborne particles can freely roam.

Aside from having little ventilation, the lack of an air-purifying system makes matter worse. The same air quality is circulated over and over without a consistent source of a new draft, and as such, our family keeps suffering from upper respiratory tract problems.


Removing Triggers that Causes Asthma Attacks

Air purifiers for home are the safest and most effective ways of cleaning air quality inside your humble abode. Most clinicians conder the inside of your house as a “high-priority health risk area” because it’s the most common source of asthma triggers. This often includes dirt, dry skin cells, dust, hairspray and perfume scents, and tiny cosmetic leftovers. Additionally, mold spores and floating bacteria can trigger allergy and asthma attacks.

People at risk are also much more susceptible to suffer from allergic rhinitis and asthma attacks due to the presence of tiny airborne particles. One way of reducing asthma attacks and preventing allergic reactions is to install an air-purifying system with HEPA air filters. This reduces air pollution and lessens the chance of developing allergy or asthma.

Prevent Susceptible Family Members from Getting Chronically Ill

Indoor pollution affects young children, babies, and the elderly more than people in other age groups. This is one of the reasons why air purifiers for home are better installed in households where both the young or the old reside.

Children and babies, for instance, are at the highest risk of suffering the early symptoms of upper respiratory ailments because of their underdeveloped respiratory system. An air purifying system accommodates for a better breathing condition and prevents pollutants from circulating in the air. It removes hazardous elements and decreases the number of bacteria and viruses. Air purifiers significantly lessen allergic reactions and the development or the aggravation of an existing condition.

Improve Mood Levels inside Your Home

Aside from improving the overall health of your family members, one of the lesser-known benefits of having an air purifier and HEPA filter in your home is its effect on the mood of your family members. Air purifiers with ionizers produce oxygen atoms called “negative ions” to boost the natural capacity of the system to kill hazardous particles. Knowing that your environment is free from pollutants will lessen the stresses and allow you to relax well.