Is It Necessary To Test For Mold?

The answer is no; it’s not necessary to do pre-testing for mold and determine the concentration and type since all mold gets removed in the same way. When you notice visible mold in moist areas like the bathroom, it must be removed as soon as possible since it poses severe health concerns and can lead to respiratory problems. The only time that pre-testing may be a requirement is when you need hard evidence for negotiation purposes. For example, if you’re purchasing a home that has the appearance of mold, you need to have it confirmed so that you can negotiate a reduction in the selling price.
Is It Necessary To Test For Mold

What Could Be Expected From A Reliable Mold Removal Specialist?

The contractor must be proficient in explaining the necessary steps and processes involved in mold removal without trying to be too technical and leave you confused.

What Are The Requirements Of A Professional Mold Removalist?

What Are The Requirements Of A Professional Mold Removalist

  • Adequate safety wear must be worn when mold is dealt with. The specialist must wear a high-quality, high-filtration mask as well as neoprene or vinyl gloves. It is recommended that a full protective suit be worn where the application of harsh chemicals is concerned for more substantial mold remediation tasks.
  • The work area must be appropriately sealed off by using plastic sheeting to ensure that mold spores don’t spread throughout the rest of the home.
  • Reliable experts utilize pricey, professional equipment like commercial-strength dehumidifiers, Air scrubbers, vacuums, etc. to get the job done effectively. Your regular handymen don’t usually make use of this equipment.
  • After the mold is removed from the source, the air must be free from airborne mold spores, and this can only be done with air exchange (through ventilation) and air scrubbers.
  • The filters used with air scrubbers or vacuuming must be HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air). HEPA filters are manufactured to successfully capture small mold spores which aren’t achieved with ordinary filters.
  • Professionals generally remove porous and moldy materials like insulation, drywall, and baseboards. This type of materials is not expensive to replace, and they are typically unfeasible to restore due to their contaminated condition.
  • Mold experts make use of antimicrobial chemicals to eliminate any remaining mold stains and traces of mold after the demo.
  • An encapsulant or sealant is used for treating areas to ensure the treated areas are resistant to mold and water damage and to assist with odor control.

Other Considerations To Bear In Mind When Hiring An Expert

Other Considerations To Bear In Mind When Hiring An Expert

  • Experience is crucial. Companies who are in business for ten plus years are usually more efficient in handling any situation effectively without any hassles.
  • It’s sometimes required to have your home’s HVAC air ducts expertly cleaned since this is the perfect hiding place for mold spores and dust particles.


It’s always best to hire a reliable and professional like Phoenix Mold Removal when dealing with mold issues particularly where your and your family’s health is at stake and assisting you with prevention of further problems along the line.