There’s a high possibility that the lighting system in your garage is the same one you’ve been using ever since you moved into your home. Normally, this small space is often forgotten and it’s very rare to find it upgraded whenever a home improvement is done. While to most homeowners this comes as an afterthought, upgrading a few key elements in your garage can improve its function, as well as add value to your home.

If the fluorescent lights in your garage are as old as your home, you may consider giving your garage’s lighting system some new touches. Garage lighting makes operations within the garage easy, and as such, be sure to update it as frequent as possible.

Here are ways to update your old garage lighting.

Install Motion Sensors at Key Points of the Garage

Install Motion Sensors at Key Points of the Garage
Lights that automatically switch on when you pull in a car makes movement in and out of the garage easier. If you’re using the manual lighting system, you should consider switching to sensor-based automated lighting that reacts to motion. This type of lighting is especially suited for outdoor garage lighting for added safety and security.

Install Accent Lights At The Corners to Highlight Architecture

Apart from illuminating the garage’s passage, some lighting can be used to highlight particular features of the garage to make your home appealing. It’s part of a home’s décor, so, as you do your home improvement, you could install accent lights at your garage to give your home a new look. This type of lighting is well-suited for outdoor garage lighting since most of the garage features are more pronounced on its outside.

Add More Overhead Indoor Garage Lighting

It’s common to find a garage being lit by a single bulb overhead, which is just fine, but this isn’t enough lighting for most of the tasks carried out in this small space. If you want to make your garage operations safe and easier, you need more lighting. Overhead garage lighting is meant to illuminate the better part of your garage floor, and that means you may have to hire an electrician to determine the proper wiring that would ensure sufficient lighting for your garage. You could have more bulbs well-distributed overhead for more lighting.

Install Garage Task Lighting

Install Garage Task Lighting
In most cases, you’ll have a workbench or storage shelves where you keep your tools. For easy access to tools, it’d be convenient if you install some lighting in these areas. For instance, you may fix sturdy compact fluorescent lights on your work surface or install shelf bulbs in your garage shelves to make finding tools easier for you.

Use Portable Lights Whenever Necessary

Portable work lights are very convenient if you need to light particular areas like work surfaces or shelves. If your work surfaces or tools shelves aren’t installed with lighting, movable work lights would be of great service. They’re also very useful when you need directed illumination to particular spots like areas underneath the car.

If you’re still using old lighting, it’s time to go for an upgrade. You may hire a room planner to help you choose the best lighting upgrade.