If you’re getting married in the next 12 months or so, you may be going to create a gift registry so that your guests can see where to best support you with things you and your partner need. 

If you’re not requesting money for a vacation or house deposit, as many couples do these days, there are all sorts of handy items you could put on a gift registry list. 

You might like to have some more expensive items on there that everyone can contribute to, or have a mixture of low-end and more costly goods for people to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Robot Vacuum

One of the top things many married couples bicker about is housework. Help yourselves avoid at least some arguments by suggesting wedding guests contribute to the price of a robot vacuum for your home. This tool will give you and your partner more time to canoodle, and you’ll spend less time fighting over whose turn it is to vacuum. 

New Mattress or Bedding 

One of the essential items in any home is the bed. You need not only a solid and nice-looking bed frame but also a comfortable mattress that suits both of your body shapes and sizes and the way you sleep, such as on your sides, backs, or stomachs. 

If you don’t currently own a decent mattress or have one that was once good but is now too old and worn out to provide adequate support, putting a new one on your registry can be of great help. There are many quality and affordable mattress products on the market to choose from, so it doesn’t have to cost the earth. 

If you already have a decent mattress to use, you might ask wedding guests for some appealing and cozy new bedding. A lovely set or two of organic or high-thread-count sheets and a nice blanket or quilt will help you and your spouse snuggle up together after you say “I do.” 

Cooking or Cocktail Lessons

If neither you nor your partner has a whole lot of experience in the cooking department, you might like to request some lessons as a wedding gift. Alternatively, access to some classes based on cooking a new cuisine type or with a master chef will help you both to pick up some fun new skills to test out at home and give you the chance to spend enjoyable quality time together, too.

If you’d prefer, you might ask for some mixology lessons. Practice whipping up an assortment of cocktails that you can enjoy as a couple or serve up the first time you host a dinner party or other event after you’re married. You might even take the opportunity to design a signature cocktail that you create just for the two of you. 

Tool Set

Are you planning to buy and renovate a property just before or after you get married? If so, you may need to get stocked up with some handy tools for this type of housework. You might register for some helpful power tools, such as drills, saws, sanders, and the like, as well as a roomy toolbox to keep equipment organized and contained. 

Grill and Accessories

Couples who like to entertain outdoors regularly or spend a lot of time hanging outside on the patio when they’re chilling at home will need a good grill. If you don’t already own one, this makes for an excellent registry option. Request a grill that will suit the area you have to fit one in at your place and the type of cooking you like to do. Plus, you may also want to place some grilling accessories on your registry list, so you’re all set for cookouts in the summer months. 

Fire Pit

Another outdoor item worth considering for your wedding registry is a fire pit. Not only is this a practical piece to enable you to sit and entertain outdoors for more months of the year, but it also boosts the romance. There’s nothing quite like sitting around an open flame together exchanging stories, stargazing and snuggling up. 

These are just some ideas to get you started. You might also like to consider registry items such as an area rug, fancy dinner set, expensive wine glasses, and a coffee maker. Plus, you could request outdoor furniture, a quality mixer or food processor for your kitchen, a coffee maker, or a good speaker. 

Be as creative and practical or fanciful as you like, since it’s your wedding day and registry to take control over.