A wedding is always a bright and momentous event in our lives. No matter what upheavals our world is going through, marriages were, are, and will be. Every couple is eager to make wedding magic and perfect in every detail. Find out how to make your wedding fancy using various kinds of foil balloons on https://balloons.online/mylar-foil-balloons/specialty/ or impress your guests with eco-trends.

Colorful Weddings

The color solution to weddings in 2021 allows choosing more saturated hues instead of white and cream. The following color combinations have become a real hit in wedding venue decorating:

  • Mint and Green

The mixture of a soft and romantic green and a shade of forest leaves might be slightly diluted with brown, muted pink, and rose gold accessories.

  • Lilac and Caramel

A luxurious combination will be a real gem for a classic wedding, in the decor of which you want to add something unusual.

  • Mustard and Champagne

The combination of two shades of yellow will set the tone for a boho-style wedding.

  • Terracotta and Gold

A chic, rich tandem complements the turquoise and almond tones.

Boho Wedding

Boho-style is an excellent option to celebrate your special day in harmony with the environment without losing your individuality. Every wedding decor element contributes to the setting’s balance, creating a light and delightful atmosphere. The couples who are struggling for nature prefer boho weddings to formal events. Keep in mind that furniture for your party should be made only of natural materials; items must be of natural muted shades. Besides, you can put marquees and tents outdoors.

Air Balloon Boom Weddings

Brightening your wedding with balloons is a great option. It allows you to create original decor and save money on decorations with fresh flowers or fabric. Or you can combine balloons, flowers, and fabric.

  • Wedding Arch

You can use balloons to make a wedding arch or background for your ceremony. The advantage is that it is not affected by the weather. Besides, balloons are easy to match the color of your wedding, whatever shade you choose.

  • Hall or Restaurant Area Decoration

You can transform any hall or venue if you properly decorate it with balloons. They can hide an unsightly ceiling, decorate the candy bar, act as signage, etc.

  • Photo Shoot

Newly-married couples and their guests can take bright and emotional photos on the specky background. You might pick up giant matte balloons or balloons in on-trend shades (like rose gold).

  • End of the Celebration

Releasing a few dozen balloons into the air is a beautiful end to the celebration and the key to beautiful final photos. Balloons can be not trivial, but a fantastic decoration of your event.

Wedding in Provence

If you aren’t a fan of traditional weddings when everything is decorated in one style, it’s time to think about the marriage in Provence’s style! Romantic brides show a fond affection for such a design of the celebration in 2021.

Provencal weddings are lavish for you if you adore outdoor celebrations. Rose arches braided with climbing roses, bouquets of peonies in elegant vases, flower garlands hanging over the tables — all this turns the venue into a fragrant natural oasis.

Provence-style tableware is a veritable symphony, including colored glass glasses and goblets, clear mini dessert bowls, coasters made of wood spokes, as well as miniature plant cages, ceramic framed photos, and lanterns hanging above the tables.