An energy-efficient window will help you minimize the use of artificial cooling or heating in any building. Numerous technologies have enabled the creation of windows that can offer insulation from heat and cold up to 4 times more than standard windows.

If you’re selecting new windows for your home, you must choose the ones that are the most energy-efficient. Apart from that, the windows that you select should also function well in the climate that you reside in. However, if you’re planning on replacing windows, you should also go with energy-efficient ones. Not only do they add a new charm to your home, but they can also save you a lot of money on electricity bills.

What are Energy Efficient Windows?

What are Energy Efficient Windows
Windows are created using a variety of materials like glass, hardware, and frame. When all these components act in sync, they provide excellent performance. They provide protection against heat and keep you warm during cold nights. This is something that all windows do. However, if your windows do all this while keeping electricity costs to a minimum, they’re energy-efficient.

How Can One Identify Such Windows?

The following list covers essential components that create windows that are energy-efficient. If you’re in the market of buying windows, you should definitely give this section a read.
How Can One Identify Such Windows

Glass Coating

In windows that save energy, Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is used as it helps block the harmful UV rays of the sun while trapping the heat inside. In warmer temperatures, it does the opposite and keeps the cold in. Most windows can be glazed through tints, reflective coatings, and gasses. All of these options that are part of energy efficient windows, help in saving heating as well as cooling costs. To check the insulating power of any window, check the U-value. The lower the number, the higher the resistance against heat flow. What this means is that windows with a low U-value tend to have better insulating power.

Double Glazing

All high-performing windows come with double-glazing as it ensures extremely limited heat-transfer. Double glazing is one of the best insulators and offers a U-value of less than 2, which is 3-times less than single-glazed windows. Double-paned glass also blocks harmful UV rays, adding a layer of protection for every person in your home. Double glazing also allows for gas fills that further reduces the transfer of heat.

Window Frames

Many people are aware that aluminum is more prone to heat and cold transfer than wood. This happens because metals are good conductors of heat. However, wood is also not a great choice, as it requires regular maintenance and upkeep. Most such windows use vinyl as frames. Vinyl is not only affordable and recyclable, but it also offers a compact construction, which is ideal for reducing leakage. Vinyl is energy-efficient; therefore, you should always go for it when looking at window frames.
Window Frames

Ideal Seals

If there are gaps around window frames and sashes, you may be allowing hot and cold air to make their way in or out. To improve or maintain window efficiency, you must get your windows installed from professionals and come with good window seals. Tight seals ensure that the warmth of your home doesn’t escape outside.

Energy Rating

There is a thing called a Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS), which allows you to compare the energy ratings of different window types while measuring their performance. The heating and cooling of a window are rated on two-different 0-10 star scales. The higher the number of stars, the better the performance of any window. For instance, in most climates, a 4-star rating for both heating and cooling will ensure that heat is right where it should be.


Windows with high energy-efficient can help you save tons of money on huge electricity bills. If you can see that your windows need replacement, go ahead and change them. The longer you wait, the more money you may lose.

Properly fitted, energy-efficient and highly rated windows can last a lifetime – so in the end, it’s just an excellent investment. Apart from windows being insulated – windows that are energy-efficient can help you protect the environment. When you use these windows, you consume a lot less energy. Doing this allows you to take a step towards creating a clean and green environment.