An open closet is actually called an open clock room. It uses the space or wall in the house to embed the cabinet in the wall.  Because it covers a small area and is not completely closed, it is called an open closet. Open closets are usually custom made wardrobes. Designers need to design according to the size of the room.  The style of open cabinets can be integrated with the overall decoration style of the room. The color of the house is relatively strong, and it is usually associated with the master bedroom.

The layers and patterns of the open wardrobe are very different. When designing, geometric aesthetics need to be used. It will look very neat when you put things in the closet. Clothes are easy to pick up, and open wardrobe partition boards can be freely broken and removed, so customers can design their own wardrobe to suit their needs.

Depth of open cupboard

Depth of the open cupboard is usually between 550 and 600 mm. The depth of the cupboard is between 530 and 580 mm, excluding the back of the cupboard. The size of this depth is relatively medium and the fabric will not be visible due to the shallow depth.

The depth of the open cupboard is just a rough criterion, but there is no condition that it should be in this size, because the open cupboards usually have to be customized, so the designer can customize according to the size and needs of the room users. Can customize the size of the closet depth.

The size of an open closet

Apart from the regular size of the open closet depth, there is no regular size for the rest of the height and width. Since the size of the room in each user’s home is different, the size of the open closet will also be different.

The open concept wardrobe Singapore area can also be divided into two parts for hanging coats and tops. The height of the short coat should be about 800 mm and the height of the long coat should be about 1300 mm.

Tips to reduce dusty open concept cabinets

1-Remove the carpet

Getting rid of rugs in the closet is also a good idea. Carpet weaving collects a lot of dust, especially carpet from wall to wall.  One pound of dirt per square yard can be hidden from ordinary carpet. Vacuuming helps, but even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t get rid of everything. Hard floors, such as tile or wood, have long been recommended by allergists for patients with their dust allergies. This is due to the fact that hard surfaces are easy to clean and dust. Without carpet, your closet and clothes will stay clean.

2-Air Purifier

The air filtration system removes dust and pollution from the air. They will not get rid of the dust and dirt already present in your clothes until it is free and allows air to enter, but they will prevent more air from entering your clothes. It will also reduce the amount of toxins entering the room through your forced air HVAC system.  Better yet, keep a clean furnace filter on hand in addition to the air purifier. It is good for your clothes as well as your breath.

3-Separate shoe store

The best way to keep dust out of your closet is to keep it out of the first place.  This means you have to deal with the problem of your shoes. Dust and dirt enters most homes through your shoes.  The best way is to leave all your shoes on the door and never let your shoes get too close to your bedroom closet. This will almost certainly require the installation of a separate shoe closet or mudroom organizer on the front door.


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