When you first decorate your child’s room, what parents don’t often think about is how many makeovers will be in their future. The fact is that as your child grows and starts to develop their personality and interests, it’s only natural that they want their room to reflect the changes they are going through. What worked for them as a toddler certainly won’t appeal to them as a teenager. If this sounds familiar and you’re ready to give your teen the ultimate bedroom makeover, here are some of the features you may want to include.

It’s Time for a New Color Palette

To ensure that the room flows and feels cohesive, it’s a good idea to have one element that acts as the anchor in the design, and that’s often the color palette. Now is the perfect time to choose a fresh new color palette, and this is where your teen needs to have input. Allow them to pick the color that speaks to them and then other features and décor can fit with the palette.

If your teen isn’t happy with the typical look, you could even do a feature wall that acts as a pop of color and then the other three walls are more neutral. Depending on how artistic you and your teen are, you can also use painter’s tape to create a pattern such as stripes.

Does Your Teen Need a Larger Bed?

Upgrading their bed is also something to include in the project, as they still may have a relatively small bed meant for younger ages. Think in terms of longevity. Your teen will likely still be living in the house for at least a handful more years, so buying a larger bed makes sense. 

Give Them a Cozy Area to Relax

For teens, their bedroom often becomes their hangout area. This is the place they can enjoy relaxation and privacy in the house. If you’ve got multiple kids, it’s also a place they can get away from siblings. Rather than a standard and frankly boring chair, why not include a bean bag chair in the design? They can use the chair to sit down and read, chat on their phone or text friends, play some video games, or even use their laptops. Bean bag chairs are incredibly versatile and very comfortable. They also have a “cool” vibe that is so important for teens.

How About a Homework Area?

While no teen loves doing homework, the fact is that they will probably have their fair share of it. So why not think ahead and factor a homework area into the design. This should include a desk that fits the space and a comfortable chair. If possible, include storage and shelving in the homework area to help keep things organized.

Your Teen Will Love the New Look

To finish off the makeover, allow your teen to pick the décor and added features, this will give the room personality. By the time the project is done, your teen will be in love with the results.