Crafting projects, home renovation, and business sites leave us with tons of waste every day. They cause environmental pollution and various health diseases if not handled properly. Therefore, we should employ suitable waste management strategies like renting junk containers and disposal systems. In this post, we will be clearing out all your confusion about dumpster rental services. 


Let’s start with the obvious one; they protect mother nature by reducing the spread of harmful components. Green rentals mainly consist of recyclable and eco-friendly ingredients, which is a plus point. They can reduce fuel consumption and carbon footprint by a significant amount. Now, come to the benefits they offer to the users. Commercial dumpsters are easy to order and convenient to use. We can dump various unnecessary debris without worrying about storage. The company will take care of trash disposal when our job is finished. If you are planning to contact a commercial dumpster rental company, you can check out Prime Dumpster


These containers come in a broad range of sizes from very small to giant. Each company has its unique size options and capacity. However, 10-yard to 50-yard bins are the most common. A user can pick any size based on how much trash his projects may produce. Big apartments, hotels, restaurants, offices, and party organizers typically generate more waste than a regular bin can hold. A 5-yard to 10-yard mini dumpster will be perfect for them. Consider medium to big options (up to 30-yard) for multi-room remodeling or yard cleaning. Larger bins are for construction companies or other very-large-scale projects.  


Many of us are unaware that these rentals have a weight capacity. For example, 20-cubic-yard storage might have a maximum endurance of up to 3 to 4 tons. Heavy items might look small, but placing too many of them might damage the bin. So, we should not exceed the weight limit regardless of how much empty space the garbage bin has. Also, we should be careful about what items we can put inside them. Avoid throwing chemical cleansers, tires, adhesives, batteries, appliances, medical solutions, oil, paint, and other hazardous junk. If you need to dispose of the mentioned items, request specialized bins from service providers. 


The rental expenses rely on different factors, including location, capacity, junk type, weight, rental period, etc. Location-basis services fluctuate because of local disposal charges, fuel consumption, transportation cost, demand & supply, regional taxes, and other regulations. That’s why Dumpster Services located in the state of Texas are cheaper than in Los Angeles. No need to mention that we must pay more for larger sizes, prolonged periods, and higher weight capacity. Plus, dumpsters for specific toxic elements are slightly more expensive than standard ones. We strongly suggest prioritizing flat rate options over variable rates to get an idea of the overall price upfront. 


We have to reserve a space to place the dumpsters. If the area belongs to our residential property, there is no need to get a permit. On the other hand, if we want to set them on a public street, walkway, or privately owned space, we must request permission via legal forms. Some locations might also require permits from neighborhood communities. The processing time, cost, permit duration, and process will vary from state to state. As some departments take a couple of weeks to grant your appeal, keeping the rental within your property is a better plan.