Dealing with burst pipes can be a difficult task when you are living on your own. It is a problem that comes your way without knocking and can catch you off guard at any point. A better way to explain this is that you can open your main door and find yourself in a swimming pool of your belongings. And no matter how infuriating that may sound, you have to go on ahead and look for an issue that is impossible for the naked eye to find.

The best way to deal with these pipe bursts and leaks is by seeking professional help. The only problem in going with this option is that finding faulty pipes and drains is no walk in the park. The plumbers will probably have to dig the floor where the trail of the pipe follows to change the line. You can’t live with a burst pipe, and they can’t get the job done unless they start taking your floor apart. Long story short, an unforeseen expense that you can’t resolve without causing another problem to get fixed. It makes pipe bursts to be one of the most tedious and costly disasters that you can encounter while living on your own.

It was until recently that advanced methods of fixing pipe bursts and drain issues became common. People started going with the option of pipe relining and patching instead of getting a new water line. The process is more manageable and far more effective than changing the entire pipeline. And most importantly, it doesn’t involve tearing your flooring apart. There are a lot of other perks of choosing this option, such as cost efficiency and quick installation of the lining once you have placed a request. As if all this wasn’t enough, these lining solutions have a life expectancy of almost half a decade. These conditions are remarkably competitive, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call them one of a kind.

Here are some of your options that are offered by these plumbers in case you encounter a pipe burst.

1. Drain Inspection

Line Junction Repairs
You can hire plumbers with advanced mechanical equipment that can help you with finding the problem in your water line. The latest piece of equipment has a CCTV drain camera, which the plumbers insert into the line to assess the damage. If you are lucky, you can expect the problem to be blocked by drainage due to some hair, grease, and personal care products, all of which are removable by high-pressure water jet. It means that you have nothing to worry about as the damage to your water line isn’t extensive from the inside.

2. Pipe Relining

Unfortunately, if the drain assessment concludes that you have a damaged or broken water line, then you are in a worse situation than dealing with a simple blockage. But luckily enough, pipe relining is just the right solution for your problem. The latest methods use a single liner that can bend up to 90 degrees, and requires insertion from a single point. Using this, the resin that’s transported under carefully controlled temperatures relines the pipe, and your problem is solved. Just leave the lining for some time before using it so that it gets settled.

3. Pipe Patching

If your case isn’t severe enough for you to change the entire pipeline, instead of just a broken patch, you can still rely on relining solutions. A scaled liner and packer gets inserted, which is then inflated to cover the patch and taken out once the patch cures. The area of patch is confirmed using the CCTV drain camera and doesn’t require digging or trenching around your property. And more importantly, it is a targeted solution, so you don’t have to worry about an enormous expenditure.

4. Line Junction Repairs

Drain Inspection
One of the areas in a pipeline that is most prone to damage is the junctions that are in place. They can start leaking or burst due to heavy water pressures and timely wear and tear. And since pipelines extend from these junctions, the junction might be close to the center of the property. Digging up this area is hectic, and the repairs can cost dearly. Fortunately, the relining process is applicable to repair these joints. The drain camera helps to measure the size of the junction, and then a cure patch is inserted using a packer to place on it. The patch fixes in its place from the circulated steam, and then the packer is pulled out. And there you have a fixed junction joint with minimal damage to your property.

5. Robotic Cutting

It is a high tech process used in cases to clear clogged drain lines from plant roots or debris, which are immovable using a high-pressure water jet. The robot uses air-powered or branch cutters to travel into the host pipe without damaging it and can navigate around multiple pipe bends. Once in, it carefully targets the clogs and removes them to clear the lines. Plumbers also use it to reshape and reinstate pipe junctions, making it a useful asset in their arsenal.


These are the latest and most advanced solutions that you should consider in case you encounter a pipe burst. You get the guarantee of quality service, can have a quick installation process, and minimal damage to your property. All this, at the most feasible rates. It practically makes relining solutions a far superior option in cases of dealing with pipe bursts and drains issues.