Keeping up with residential roof repair is an essential element of homeownership. After all, your roof is what protects the people you love and all of your belongings. If you notice leaks, cracks, or other such damage, it might be time to place a phone call to a roofing company in Newton, MA, for help.

Replacing a few shingles might be a suitable fix for a short time, but this method won’t hold up for long especially during inclement weather. High winds, rainstorms, and even cold temperatures can undo a shoddy shingle patch job in minutes. It is worth protecting your investment with reliable, professional roof repairs when needed.

When you hire a professional roofing contractor to make repairs, you are protecting your property and investment in your home. One of the biggest worries that homeowners have about roof repair services is the cost; however, allowing a damaged roof to deteriorate even further will lead to more costly repairs in the long run. Plus, professional repairs boost the energy efficiency of your roof, increase its lifespan, and add curb appeal.

Signs That it’s Time to Call a Professional

When you find yourself wondering whether your roof needs repairs or not, look up! Take an inventory of what your roof is doing and how it appears. Your roof won’t remain silent if it has succumbed to wear and tear as there will always be signs that it is time to reach out to Newton roofing contractors.
Signs That it’s Time to Call a Professional

Curled, Cracked, or Missing Shingles

When you notice that there are curled (also known as “fish mouthing”), cracked, or missing shingles, this means that those shingles have probably outlived their lifespan and need replacing. An old and worn shingle might curl upwards, downwards, or from the middle, sides, or bottom.

When there is excess moisture accumulation, curling or cracking can occur, which then results in shingles falling off of the roof. When you notice your shingles curling or cracking, it is wise to call a professional roofing specialist as these problems typically mean that it is time for a total roof replacement in Newton, MA.

Granules in Gutters

When you need a new roof installation in Newton, MA, it is normal to find shingle granules littering your gutters. These granules are coarse and gritty in appearance. Excessive amounts of missing granules or balding of your shingles indicates that you need a new roof quickly! Extreme granule loss usually occurs on older roofs that are exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Granule loss means your shingles and roof are not protected from moisture, and leaks can occur. In granule loss scenarios, the only suitable answer may be to call roofing contractors for a full roof replacement.

Sagging or Dipping Roofs

Sagging or Dipping Roofs
Your roof lines should never sag but always remain straight and level. When you stand in your driveway or front yard and notice a curve on a roof peak, it’s safe to assume that your home has serious roofing problems that need addressing. There are a few reasons for this sagging such as structural issues, rotting sheathing, or even a broken rafter.

The only way to determine the cause of a sagging roof is to reach out for professional roof repair in Newton, MA, for a complete evaluation. The solution could be as simple as stabilizing loose rafters or, more severely, a total roof replacement.

Water Stains on the Ceiling

Dark water stains on your home’s interior ceilings are a visible sign that you’ve got water damage originating from the home’s roof. You may even notice water spots on the roof itself. These stains can range from dark in color to a yellow hue and may or may not be bubbled. When water stains are present, this means your roof is leaking, and the interior of your home is at risk due to mold growth or even a serious roof collapse.

A professional roofing contractor will check the roof for damaged shingles and look for leaks in the attic or crawl space. Other areas like the chimney, vents, and rafters will also be checked for moisture. Any holes or cracks will be fixed right away, and mold remediation may be recommended if necessary, to protect your home from long-term damage caused by water leaks and interior moisture due to needed roof repairs.

Why is Calling a Roofing Company in Newton, MA Versus Making DIY Repairs a Better Option?

No matter your roof repair costs in Newton, if you are inexperienced at fixing a roof, there are a host of things that can go wrong trying to fix your roof on your own. For one, climbing on top of your roof is dangerous! A fall from a roof risks serious injuries and even death, for you or for anyone on the ground under your home’s roof!

Also, new shingles need to be aligned in such a way that leaks will not occur and cause the underlying wood to become wet and eventually rot. Plus, if shingles aren’t attached properly, they’ll fall off or just blow away during the next windstorm and this can easily cause more damage than before.
Roofing Company in Newton
Note, too, that Newton roofing contractors know which products are of high-quality and which won’t last or hold up in inclement weather. A professional roofer has access to professional-grade materials that are sure to work well and last for years if not decades, versus low-quality materials you might buy at a hardware store and which might tear and crumble easily.

Never put off calling a roofing company in Newton MA when needed, no matter the repair costs, and never assume that you can “DIY” this job to save money. Keep in mind that the longer a damaged roof sits unattended, the more deteriorated it will become. You might even suffer a collapsed roof or other serious damage to your home by avoiding needed repairs or trying to address them yourself. To avoid these risks, contact a roofing company in Newton, MA, for a professional evaluation as soon as needed.