If you are building a new home or remodelling a pre-existing one, you need interior doors. Outside of a big construction project, few people really think about the variety of these doors available on the market today. Even more importantly, the inside doors play a big part in the overall look, feeling, security and quality of your home. Maybe doors for your home interior warrant more thought and planning than you realized.

Things to Consider About Interior Doors

North American homes typically feature multiple rooms. Between each of the rooms are doors. Doors create aesthetics, privacy, security and soundproofing. They also help you keep pets and kids safe from other areas. These purposes are why you should really think about your choices in doors.

First, consider the look of your new doors. An interior door can be beautiful, as much as it is functional. Some feature panels, glass or other design elements to accent your space. They also add visual appeal and dimension in tight areas or plain spaces like hallways. For most customers, the cost is a factor in choosing the ultimate design.

Also, when selecting your doors, consider who uses them. For bedrooms, you probably want doors that operate quietly and provide good soundproofing. If you have people in your home who require wheelchairs or other mobility equipment, you likely need wide doors. You also have to ensure the doors swing open in the right direction.

For most homes, a universal design works best. This design functions to meet the needs of most residents and guests. They typically provide accessibility for people of all ages, sizes and abilities. For universal doors, lever-style handles make the most sense.

Types of Doors for Your Home Interior

There are multiple types of door construction options. These include flush or panel designs. Flush doors are simple, flat and free of detailing or raised areas. They look like a single piece of wood but can be solid or hollow. There are also single wrought iron doors that looks really unique and amazing. Panel doors provide more detail, interest and appeal. They tend to look more luxurious than flush doors. Panel doors consist of a frame with panels or panes built into them. There are a variety of panel styles and designs, with the most common being raised panel doors. They may be completely made of solid wood, hollow core, or wood with glass.

Common Door Styles

Once you decide on the type of interior door you want for your rooms, you also have various styles from which to make your final decision. These door styles include:

  • Hinged
  • Sliding
  • Folding
  • Bypass
  • Pocket
  • Barn
  • French
  • Pivot
  • Dutch

Available Interior Door Materials

Your third consideration beyond type and style is the material from which your doors are made. Some of the most common materials include:

  • Solid wood
  • MDF
  • Hollow-core
  • Solid core
  • Glass doors

Making Your Best Interior Door Choices

Choosing your doors comes down to personal preferences, design aesthetic and functionality. Whatever types you have on your narrowed list, consider that your doors must be functional above all else. This can help you make the big choices like what style, type and materials. Budget is certainly a consideration, too. Obviously, some doors are more economical than others. For example, hollow-core flush doors will cost significantly less than panel or glass doors. The good news is that doors are also interchangeable, meaning you can make your choice for the here and now. Then, in several years or when renovating, you can make a change that suits later needs.