Instead of restricting their operations to buying and selling, real estate agencies also rent out properties. A dedicated team of leasing agents like Blackshaw Real Estate will be committed to finding you a suitable tenant.

Such specialists are all undertaken from marketing and presenting your property, negotiating with interested parties, and completing the requisite rental formalities. Why devote your time and energy to renting your property when you outsource it to qualified experts for a nominal fee?

Real Estate Agency Intervention

The renting process can be stressful for property owners. You may be unfamiliar with prevailing rents and lack the resources to go tenant hunting. Experienced agencies like are skilled in the home leasing department. 

Below are compelling reasons to hire a reputed real estate agency to help you rent your home:

Identify Suitable Tenants

Renting out a property involves a fair bit of work, beginning with extensively marketing your home to increase its visibility. Seasoned leasing agents resort to online advertising, prominent signage placements, and weekly rental lists to give your home maximum market exposure.

They even accompany prospective tenants while they inspect your property plus thoroughly screen potential candidates. Tenant screening includes examining the tenancy history database, confirming the applicant’s identity, source of income, and connecting with a current and previous agent or landlord references.

By identifying and following up with prospective tenants, qualified agents safeguard you from loss of rental income and extended periods of vacancy. Having a tenant who maintains your property well and pays timely rental is better than a problematic occupant.

Serve as Effective Mediators

When your rental or leasing agent doubles up as your property manager, all communication between you and your tenant is routed through this third party. The agent representing you is efficiently handling rental negotiations, repair, and maintenance issues to timely payments.

With licensed real estate agents, you stay clear of unpleasant confrontations as they are familiar with state laws safeguarding landlord rights. These specialists inspect your property before the tenant moves in, during your tenant’s stay, and when you vacate your home. After every such inspection, you are notified of concerning matters.

Handle All Rental Paperwork

A massive amount of paperwork is associated with renting out properties. An experienced real estate agency keeps track of lease agreements, repair and maintenance contracts, and any violation of the signed agreement. 

Since they know current market conditions, these agents can advise you on the appropriate time to hike your rent. Their knowledge and expertise in the property renting domain keep you out of legal hassles and tenant-initiated lawsuits. 

Proactive and Trustworthy Supportive Partner

Real estate agents willingly go the extra mile to satisfy you and your tenant with the rental arrangement. They have a knack for diffusing any tension and proactively resolve conflicts should they arise. 

Your supportive real estate partner collaborates with you from start to finish by taking on the maximum load and earning your trust. The rental income percentage you shell out for such a valuable service is worth all the hassle you are spared.

Experience a seamless rental experience with an agency having an award-winning track record in real estate.