The lawn is a sector of mown grass within a park, garden, or yard. Some people also prefer to have a lawn in their homes. It not only enhances the ambiance or décor but also has other benefits.

Advantages of having a lawn-

Advantages of having a lawn

  1. Improves the air quality – Since it’s a living being, every plant produces oxygen by the process of photosynthesis and takes in carbon dioxide. Thus, it reduces the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It also traps millions of tons of dirt and dust that is released every year into the environment.
  2. Acts as a pollution filtrate – According to research, a dense lawn or turf grass can decrease runoff and pollution significantly. This fibrous system sustains or balances the soil, which results in the reduction of erosion. It forbids the sediments from moving into rivers and streams.
  3. Helps in managing stormwater – These act as filtrate and filters the excess of the stormwater. It lessens the pollutants and the sediments from getting into lakes, rivers, or any other water bodies. It slows down the water flow, which enables the soil to absorb more amount of water that further helps in preventing flooding and reducing soil erosion.
  4. Reduces environmental heat – According to a study by Energy commission of California, the lawn of average size can cool down about nine gobs of air, as compared to an ordinary air conditioner, which has a capacity of three to four gobs.
  5. Increases wellness and reduces stress – plants lower stress, aggression, fear, muscle tension, and anger. It increases wellness, people who have their views, experience more satisfaction, and less pressure. It also enhances the productivity of an individual.
  6. It is therapeutic – Many of the rehab centers have included the program of lawn and plant care, considering its healing effect. It has treated some ailments successfully and also helped in the mobility and recovery of older people.
  7. Enhances the value and has an appeal – It improves the community appeal. It boosts the attractiveness and charm of the property, thus leading to an increase in its value. It’s a cost-effective method to attract people to your property. It is also a factor that people consider while deciding where to live.
  8. Serves both the purposes of leisure and sport – It is used for leisure purpose, as it provides a place where all the people of all age groups can enjoy and spend some time. It also provides a safe area to play any sport, as has a lesser hardening surface.

Major drawbacks-

Major drawbacks

  1. You need to cut it regularly.
  2. You must use pesticides very carefully and in small quantities as it can harm the entire lawn and not just the weed affected area.

To combat these disadvantages, one must get a lawn treatment service done. The basic service plan includes weed control, insect control, plant care, aeration, etc. The cost of the lawn treatments depends upon the area of the lawn and your requirements.