Bathrooms, a place where we all go for keeping ourselves clean and it is my personal experience nothing makes me feel more bad regarding cleanliness than a dirty bathroom.

I have always wanted a clean bathroom, we all know that a clean and tidy environment has a great impact on our moods, teak wood is known for its reliability, anti bacterial and anti pest qualities. Same goes for the teak shower and bath mats.

Why we love some hotels? Because they have got the best bathrooms and living areas, this is not only because of the architecture the hidden magic is because of the maintenance, secondly because they have used the right accessories which we all tend to ignore quite often.

Most of the times we see rugs which are made up of cloth and cotton, they are not very effective in keeping your bathroom tidy. In this article I have explained some of the most prominent and easy to understand uses of teak wood mats. Which we are ignoring for a while, but now they are back in trend and after a lot of researches people are preferring these mats as the must have for their bathroom.

In this article I have summed up some benefits of having a wooden mat in your bathroom, this sounds very out dated and old fashioned but we must be realistic, all we want to do with a bathroom mat is maintaining the tidy environment of our bathrooms.

The look

If you want to keep your bathroom classic and organized then teak wood is one of the best option. You can have it for a multi shaded mat purpose. They are not very bright but they will definitely enhance the beauty of your bathroom. It has got some brown and golden shades making it compatible with the most modern bathroom styles.

The look

No microbes no insects

These mats are made up of not only wood but some layers of silica as well, this keeps the insects away. they will not get any moisture to rely on, thus your bathroom would stay as clean as you have just washed it the night before.

You wont be struggling looking at the untidy and dirty looking mats made of sheer cloths. They look like a cleaning wipe.

Water resistant

The mat you use has to be water resistant. Otherwise there will be no benefit of having it just after the shower and the bathroom. Your house will still be an untidy place. Teak wood mats are covered with water proof covering of silica and some other gels to keep the water away. Thus no worries if your kids are interested in doing some out of the world thing in your bathroom, because they actually love doing this.


Minimum maintenance

You do not need to clean these mats every now and then. As you will do if you were having a rug or cloth mat. No need to clean and rub it after every month.

I have experienced both cloth mats and teak wood mat, I have loved this part of not cleaning it with detergents and brushes.

The only thing you would do for cleaning them is get a brush and rub it gently on the mat, you just have to give two or three strokes to your mat from its back and its all set to be placed and used.


buying a wooden mat door is not easy now a days, but you can do a little research before getting your hand on any of them. you can ask and order some from the mat manufacturing company.

Many people think that it will be useless but actually it is not, you can ask for any material you want the company will keep in mind your request and would soon manufacture something for you.
it will take time.

Lastly, while buying you must make sure that the material is reliable and the wood used in mat making is actually teak wood, many time customers do not understand the difference between teak wood and ordinary wood. You can know it through google or some other sources for complete guidance you can ask the carpenter as well.