With the rise in temperature, the first thing comes in mind is to maintain room temperature? With the modernization of technology, we do have many options. Apart from having several options, we are yet not certain to find the best one which perfectly suits the room and even gives perfect cooling. The options depend on the individuals’ budgets and.

There are many options available in the market that is not only cheaper but also very cost-effective when it is bought with the thought of saving energy expenditure.

Among all the latest technology for room cooling, window fans can be considered one of the cost-effective device with the best performance. A window fan is positioned on the window and provides a great cooling effect by pulling cool air inside and pulling out hot air from the room. This is the device that consumes less energy as compared to another cooling device, as its work is not so hard but still gives the same cooling effect.

Things to be considered before buying Window Fan

However, all the window fans are not equal still there is much Variety available in each type of window fan. Hence before buying, there are many points to be considered. Below are some of the listed tips which could help you out to choose the best one which completely suits your requirements.
Things to be considered before buying Window Fan

Check your Requirement

The first and foremost things that should come in your mind should be the requirement of your house. One should be very sure that your house needs proper ventilation? If you are living in a place where the temperature is always warm. Also, check whether your kitchen gets too stuffy even when the window is open?

If you are dealing with both of the above-mentioned situations, hence it surely means you need ventilation. One can also consider buying a window fan in case you need ventilation and also bothered with the electric consumption and all related electric expenditure.

Check your Home Condition and Outer Surrounding

We must know the fact that window fan does not work the same with all type of homes and surrounding. With some house, the performance of a window is best whereas in other performance may get opposite. One must check whether you have a house window through which a proper amount of breeze can be pulled inside. Also, check whether the outside temperature is cooler than the inside room temperature?

One should also check the outside surrounding the window. You must be ensured as there is no garbage piles or some open sewage, else these type of surrounding may pull the air inside with foul and odor.

Type of Window you Actually Need

As we know there are many varieties available in window fans. The basic Variety is with the number of fans available. There are window fans available with single as well as twin fans. Window Fan with twin fans is one with the best performance, as they perform both the work of pulling cool air inside as well as pushing out hot air at once. Whereas window fan with single fan performs one function at once.

Hence window fans with twin fans are preferable more in terms of performance. Whereas the price difference between single and twin fan is not much. Both ones can be preferred in terms of money. But if you are choosing it for a small room you can also prefer a single fan, but in a room with more space twin fans could only work well.

Best Place to Fix Window Fan

The position of the window fan also affects performance. A window fan is basically used as an alternative to cool the room. Mainly used in a room with a large space where an air conditioner is not sufficient in cooling the room. Using window fan in the kitchen is also the best alternative to keep the kitchen cool. As more heat is generated in the kitchen due to the use of gas and oven. These make the kitchen very stuffy.
Best Place to Fix Window Fan
Here window fan works well to main the temperature of the kitchen by pushing out the heat from the kitchen and pulling cool air inside. If you are deciding to place a window fan in a room without an air conditioner you should prefer to use 2 window fans with a single fan, on the different side of the same room. Also, place fan under the shady window, so it could pull cool breeze inside.

Size of Window Fan

The size of the window fan should be preferred as per the size of the window. If the window is a small size then you should choose the small size, whereas the window is of the big size you must choose the bigger fan. Make sure as there is no space left between the window and the body of the fan. If yet any space left make sure to seal the space to ensure optimal airflow.

Here the list does not contain about all the types available in the market, but yet above point will act as a guide to choosing the best as per requirement.